Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Kaine absolutely LIES throughout this entire question!

Moderator asks Kaine how faith has influenced his politics.

Death Penalty
First of all, Kaine makes a HUGE mistake saying Catholicism is opposed to the death penalty, so he was as well as governor. First of all, the Church isn't opposed to the death penalty. That's a prudential judgment people must come to, including politicians.

But why doesn't Kaine use this same philosophy when answering about other things. He says he cannot impose his beliefs on others, because of the first amendment of something.

Mike Pence pushes back hard and really holds Kaine's lying feet to the fire and saying basically listen, I'm opposed to killing nearly-born babies, but you're not for some reason. Aren't you a complete hypocrite??

Response by Kaine:
Kaine comes back and ONCE AGAIN contradicts himself by saying he can't push his beliefs on others. Um, what are you even doing as a public service? You didn't mind imposing your beliefs about the death penalty. What a philosophical lightweight. He just does and says whatever it takes to get ahead. I'm actually a little surprised by what Pence said when he said he appreciates Kaine's faith. What faith?

Like I said, Kaine looks out for himself only. If he needs to accept abortion and legalize it to succeed, you can rest assured he will. Kaine, don't give me this stuff about living out your faith every day.

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