Friday, November 06, 2009

Crucifixes banned in Italy

Shocking news has come from Italy that the European Union has declared that the country can no longer have crucifixes in its schools and courthouses. Italy is an almost 100% Catholic country, whose schools and courthouses were founded by the Church.

Obviously, many groups have protested this decision. This is another example of the European Union forcing its atheistic worldview on countries. I think the worst thing a country in Europe can do is join the European Union. Can you imagine a Muslim country forcing all schools to remove the Koran or to remove the crescent moon? Never. Italy should just remove itself from the European Union completely. The EU is becoming far too powerful for its own good, but not for the good of anyone else.

Unfortunatley many people regard separation of church and state as a complete annihilation of religion from all public areas. It's becoming like smoking. The parallels are shocking and startling. Sure, you can set up a private building where you are allowed to practice your religion, but if even a single individual is affected by it that doesn't want to be, you have to stop. Why should moral relativists and atheists have all the say when the vast majority of the country does not belong to either of these groups.

Europe needs to stand up for its cultural heritage, rather than succumb to modern atheism. I learned a good lesson from school. About 15 years ago, schools in Newfoundland were changed from religion-based schools to public schools with no particular religion. Many people thought a religious bias would be replaced with an unbiased education. 15 years of experience have proven this completely wrong. Rather than unbiased, students are indoctrinated with extreme liberal ideas, such as contraception and abortion are the greatest things since sliced bread, promiscuity is now called "responsible" sexual relationships, that humans are parasites who are only destroying the Earth and the fewer of us the better, that all religions and belief systems are the same and that morals are completely relative, that communism and socialism are good systems and that capitalism and free market entrepreneurship are evil and that corporations are evil, that we should rely on and trust the government in all things, etc, etc, etc. The same thing will happen in Europe unless they wake up and stop their own self-hatred. Europe (and Canada) need to reclaim their Christian heritage that made them great.


  1. As a teacher myself, I am sure that you looked up the Curriculum outcomes on the Department of Education website for Newfoundland and can reference all the "facts" that you stated in the final paragraph. What a joke! You always state that the Church shouldn't be blamed for what a few evil Priests have done, which I agree with, but then you label the entire Newfoundland Education system, and therefore, all its teachers under one group.

  2. Perhaps I should have went further to say that only "some" teachers would preach these very liberal ideas. But this "some" would amount to the majority in my opinion. Therefore, as a whole, the education system is very liberal. That's my experience. If you interview people my age, the majority will hold these views also and will tell you they learned them in school.

    Perhaps you have a different experience. Maybe as a teacher, you can enlighten me as to what actually happens in the Newfoundland school system. Are students taught about the dangers of contraception or that they are immoral, or are they taught how to use them and told that having sex at any age can be a good experience? Are they taught that sex should wait until marriage, or are they taught "safe sex"? In your opinion, are children mostly taught liberal or conservative ideas?

    In my experience we were indeed taught mostly very liberal ideology. I was taught that communism was a good system, it was simply "misunderstood". I was going through some documents I had in earlier grades, and there was a sheet basically stating that there are too many people on Earth and that we must stop having so many children. Did this document indicate that most Western countries, Russia, and even China now are concerned with low birth rates?

    Can you honestly say we were taught anything other than moral relativism?

    With the above questions, would these so-called "curriculum outcomes" help in ascertaining the type of education children receive?

  3. Yes, you, the majority, are being oppressed.

  4. In response, as a teacher who actually teaches the Sex Ed curriculum, it IS taught that the only sure way to avoid problems is not to have sex and that waiting IS the best option. You are correct though, they are taught how to properly use contraceptives as well. Which amounts to a combination of the liberal and conservative(your terms) view. Which, being a public school system, is the responsibility.

    Here is a sample of something from the actually curriculum guide, obviously it would taught only 1 method is 100% effective, abstinence:

    "Write the name of the various methods of birth control on cards and distribute the cards to students in the class. On the board, draw a horizontal line with 0% on the left and 100% on the right.
    Ask students to place their card on the continuum according to their perception of its reliability as a method of contraception."

    Whatever teacher taught you about communism would surely be more liberal minded; however, I guarantee that there is nowhere in the Social Studies Outcomes where this would be found.

    With regards to Overpopulation, here is what is in the Curriculum Guide:

    "Describe some of the problems that result from overpopulation."

    Note that it does not state that Overpopulation has to be stopped and we need to stop reproducing. In speaking with a couple of Social Studies teachers today they both explained that they teach from a perspective of what can be done to fix this. The response is not "Stop having children" but are usually Social Justice answers: less poverty, less war, more democracy, all wonderfully Catholic ideals.

    In conclusion, as I have said before, please do not blanket society, as you feel society blankets the Church. It is negative to the cause you are trying to achieve, and is below your level of thought. In reading your posts you are clearly intelligent enough not to make broad ranging statements that will offend people immediately, instead state what you did in your rebuttal to me, that "in your experience" this or that is what you saw. Not this is how it is everywhere with everybody. It will work. Keep writing, you always stimulate my thoughts, thanks.

  5. I love how misleading your titles are, Phil.

    So are the facts in your posts.

    1. The EU was banning crucifixes in ALL school in the EU because they believe crucifixes are in violation of Freedom. Which is perfectly reasonable. Italy was the only country which had a major problem with this; they are also the most religious country in the EU.

    2. Italy brought the matter or court and is now able to keep crucifixes in schools. Look here for more information:

    You really need to STOP MISLEADING YOUR READERS, and INCLUDE REFERENCES to the where you got your material. Otherwise your blog is nothing but lies and propaganda. I'm sure Jesus doesn't look to kindly on that.

  6. The link you sent me simply says the Italian government is appealing the decision. It does not say it's been dropped or something. Hopefully the appeal will work. This at least gives me some hope.

  7. Anonymous said... "Otherwise your bold is nothing but lies and propaganda."

    Sounds very catholic to me...

  8. Liberals and Athiests are at the helm of Government in Europe, theyve been there since the end of WW2 and control it more and more through the European union.

    And they all have one thing in common [liberals]:

    They belittle/hate Christianity, they belittle thier own cultures, and they are money hungry to the T. They do all that while at the same time they trumpet about how great 'diversity' is, and diversity to a liberal really means that the masses of native Europeans have to accept thier countries being swamped by as many millions of Non European/non-christian immigrants as possible [they are cheap labor which = $$].

    If Italy wasnt forced to allow Muslim immigrants in from the Middle east then this whole crucifix issue would be a non-issue. But the keyword in the EU's case against the crosses is that non-Christians may take offense....well those non-christians [muslims] were brought in by the EU. Imo, pack them up and send them back where they came from if they dont like the 2000 year old christian culture of Italy. I know for a fact that if a million Italians moved to Saudi Arabia that the Saudi's would boot them out if they ever tried to get that country to remove Islam as its official relgion, and remove the crescent from all public places.