Thursday, April 23, 2015

Islamic Extremist's Shoots Himself Instead of Churchgoers

A 24-year old Islamic terrorist who was a computer science student accidentally shot himself in the leg as he was on his way to kill people at a church in Paris, France. Perhaps this was divine intervention.


This is just one more in a long line of terrorist attacks which have recently taken place in France. The most deadly was the attack on a newspaper that dared publish pictures of Mohammed wherein 12 people were slaughtered.


In light of these issues it’s important to look at the reality of what is going on – putting aside how we want things to be and rather look at things objectively. So what is the truth?


The first question is “are all religions the same?” The affirmative answer to this question is something you hear frequently. Islam is the same as every other religion, it’s just certain extremists misinterpret the religion and use it for violent purposes. If that were the case, why are we seeing thousands of Muslim terrorist attacks but virtually no Hindu or Buddhist terrorist attacks?


In an interesting video I saw recently, it was noted that many people in Islamic countries believe in the imposition of Sharia law, a law which prescribes cutting off hands for stealing and beheading for a variety of other crimes. It advocates stoning to death for adulterers. Many Muslims believe that insulting their religion is a form of attack and the only proper response is to violently attack people who criticize the religion or their prophet. These are not extremist positions, but commonly held views among Muslims.


Another interesting video I saw showed for how long and to what degree Islamic groups have been at war with the West. Over the years, they have slaughtered thousands of people and initiated hundreds of battles and wars. These started as soon as Islam started. The Islamic armies conquered vast Christian areas, forcing them into submission. All of North Africa, for example, used to be Christian but was forcibly converted to Islam. We all know about the “choices” people faced – conversion, death, or a debilitating tax and second-class status in society.


The idea that Islamic terrorism these days is the result of grievances about particular battles or actions by the West is absurd. In fact, the terrorists themselves don’t cite these things as reasons, so why should we? Most of the terrorists from the West actually come from well-to-do families in well-off parts of town. Many have never even been to the Islamic world. Yet they become killers.


So what is the solution? For one thing, the only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. When a psychopath like this guy goes to a church to kill a bunch of people none of your laws will work to stop him. The only thing that would work is meeting him with equal force – not to become sitting ducks. Guns are already banned for personal use in France, but people determined enough find a way to gain access to a firearm will do so. Then is everyone else supposed to sit there waiting to be the next victim.


We need to be realistic about Islam and its motives. We can make excuses till the cows come home, but eventually we have to realize that Islam is fundamentally more violent and has a different perspective on when force is warranted. Pretending this is not true is absurd. Once we realize these things, a screening process needs to be put in place to filter out extremists. I’m not sure how such a system could be initiated, but it’s necessary.


Secondly, people must be armed with both knowledge and arms. Knowledge is perhaps the most important thing – the ability to spot trouble behavior, people behaving in threatening ways and being able to intervene before something serious happens. Specifically this applies to airport workers. Our system is really stupid. People are chosen at random to be searched. It could be an 85 year old grandmother or a terrorist from Yemen. Both would have an equal chance of being looked at more closely. In Israel, they use a different system whereby they spot suspicious behaviors, body language, and other things. They don’t just randomly pick people. Also, everyday citizens must inform themselves of how to be safe in various situations.


In terms of arms, as I said only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Look up John Lott for more information on this topic. He has researched the information and found that violence always increases when guns are banned because essentially the criminals find criminal ways to obtain guns, but the general public is left helpless. The cities in the US with the strictest gun control laws have the highest gun crime rates. Also, after the bans were initiated, violence increased more in those cities than elsewhere. It may seem counterintuitive, but it makes sense when you think about it a little.


Islam is not the same as every other religion. The vast majority of Muslims would never commit a terrorist attack, but we have to be aware of the threat and prepare ourselves. Most importantly, we must pray for Muslims that they convert to Christianity so they will chose to love their enemy and forgive those who persecute them rather than attack them.


Article here:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Telling the Truth is Anti-Gay

So Russ Kuykendall was going to run for the Wild Rose Party in Alberta, Canada in the Calgary-Varsity riding for the provincial election. About 8 years ago he wrote an article stating he was unhappy about a gay pride brunch being held in a Catholic church, almost certainly against the will of the church.


In his blog, he wrote: "The message that appears to be sent to Catholic Christians who don't accept this 'lifestyle' as acceptable is that 'equality' means that gay activists can take their agenda not just to your front door, but inside the door to places that are consecrated to the Catholic faith."


There is nothing offensive in this comment unless the truth is offensive. A gay pride group forcibly held a meeting on the premises of a group that is morally opposed to the actions the gay pride group condones, forcing the church to act against its will and to violate its moral convictions. Kuykendall is just pointing out his opposition to this. But because he is unhappy about it, it’s of course “anti-gay”. Ah yes, the popular catch-all phrase which allows people to bypass that pesky thing called the truth and silence anyone who opposes them!


So anyway, because of his non-hateful comments, Kuykendall is banned from running for the Wild Rose Party. I don’t have any issue with this in principle. A party should be able to accept or reject any members it wants. The problem is people’s knee-jerk reaction to things like this to call them “anti-gay”. It’s like if someone published a flyer saying gay men are attracted to other men, that would be considered hate speech even though it’s factually true.


Another similar issue is calling something which could be used to discriminate against any group of people “anti-gay” as if they were the only group that mattered.


Instead of backing down from things like this, people need to stand up for themselves. If someone is opposed to a gay group holding a meeting in a church of all places, they shouldn’t be forced to retract that comment or make an apology. You can apologize when something is false.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Want an easy $30,000? Be an atheist!

In another example of judicial absurdity, a Quebec non-religious person demanded the city council of Saguenay  remove all religious symbols and stop a 20-second prayer in the morning. Alain Simoneau complained to the Human Rights Tribunal, a kangaroo court that routinely persecutes Christians. But it gets weirder.


The court not only sided with the atheist, and ordered the city council to remove all religious symbols and to stop prayers, but then the court, for some bizarre reason, told the council to pay this man $30,000! So he didn’t like religious symbols, demanded they be removed, complained, got his way, but they somehow felt he deserved $30,000 on top of that!! What a crazy world we’re living in. How is this even possible!?


What “damage” did he suffer from the 20 second prayer? How can anyone in their right mind think this whiner deserves $30,000! I cannot understand this, and any rational atheist shouldn’t be able to either.


This kind of judicial absurdity has gone too far. Recently on my other non-religious blog on the subject of freedom, I wrote an article about a woman who was awarded $6000 for simply being asked to wear a bikini top. She didn’t do it, she refused. But yet the court felt she was owed $6000. This makes no sense. If she doesn’t want to work there, she can quit.


But to make the Quebec case even worse, the “Human Rights” Tribunal isn’t even a court, it’s a tribunal. Fortunately, the mayor against whom the claim was made, Jean Tremblay, appealed the decision to the Quebec provincial court who ruled in his favour. But now the whole thing is going to the Supreme Court.


I actually tend to agree that a city council should be neutral in the area of religion. But I also think the public sector should be much smaller to make such matters mostly irrelevant. What happens on private property in terms of religion is of no concern to the government. But that’s a topic for another day. The problem with having religion at a political level is the government uses force, whereas the private sector uses voluntary interactions. Plus I believe in the separation of church and state.


Having said that, not everything that happens in government has to do with force. If an individual politician wants to recite a prayer at an event, people can choose whether or not they participate. There can be rules around it and others can be free to say their own prayers.


The big problem I have in this case is that they believe an atheist deserves $30,000 just for making a complaint. The legal system should be used to restore people to their status before something criminal happened. He could claim, for instance, he was forced to participate in prayer for several years. This would probably be an absurd claim unless there was some statute written saying if a politician doesn’t participate they are fired or something, which I highly doubt. But just for argument sake, say he felt coerced. Well, they could compensate him for 20 seconds per day for probably 150 days per year. That’s 50 minutes per year. So over three years, 150 minutes. Assume he makes $40 per hour, that’s $100. That would make sense, but $30,000?


They’re saying that he is owed around $12,000 for every HOUR that he had to sit through the “torture” of hearing a few people say a quick prayer. Does anyone think this sounds right? This is assuming he was forced, but how would we define “force”? Did people forcibly lift him up and take his arm and make him make the sign of the cross? Of course not. He could have just sat there, he probably could have listened to headphones, etc.


Human Rights Tribunals have made a mockery of justice. No one deserves to be massively rewarded for a minor inconvenience. Hopefully the Supreme Court agrees and throws out the absurd case.


Plus what about everyone else’s rights? I was in a workplace one time where everyone took turns mocking Christianity, declaring their opposition to it, etc. As a Catholic, I did not enjoy being in that environment, but did I sue anyone? Could I sue anyone? Probably not. In the history of most human rights tribunals in Canada, there hasn’t been a single case brought forth because of persecution of a Christian, at least none that have been allowed. However, Christians have often been the victims of these illegitimate farces.




I was writing this article throughout the day today, and I just received word that the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously rejected prayer in the city council chambers. But they also said the plaintiff must be paid $33,200, which is even more than before. I also learned that the mayor had given the option to not attend the first minute or two of meetings where prayers took place if someone didn’t want to. So the plaintiff could have just stayed out of the room and there wouldn’t be a problem.


But no, that wasn’t good enough, the mayor had to be punished to the tune of $33,200. This is completely outrageous! I don’t think this is even the mayor’s own money, this is taxpayers’ money and it’s going to some whiney brat looking for a payday? And it’s not as though Quebec and Catholicism are completely unrelated. Catholicism basically founded Quebec. I’m amazed at the street and city names found in Quebec. Almost every one is of a saint, often very obscure ones. Their Catholic heritage cannot be denied!


But of course, in our new modern world, Christians are to be treated the most harshly and given the fewest rights. Hopefully Canada will change this path that it’s on!



Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Rest in Peace Cardinal Turcotte

The archbishop of Montreal died today after suffering from health issues related to diabetes. He was 78 years old. Turcotte served as archbishop of the city for 22 years from 1990 until 2012 when he reached the maximum age for a cardinal of 75 years. He became a cardinal in 1994 at the age of 57.


Strong Opponent of Abortion

Turcotte was a stalwart opponent of abortion, so much so that he gave back his Order of Canada when the same recognition was given to promoter of child-killing Henry Morgentaler.


When speaking with CBC, he said "I'm worried about how we treat life, from conception to death, " he said "I decided to take a stance that clearly reflects my convictions."


This is a great and clear way to speak about the horrors and evils of abortion. Giving back his award probably had a much greater impact on the public than actually receiving it. It also makes perfect sense. If Turcotte received an award for his humanitarian work, this medal is nothing but a huge hypocrisy if it is also given to someone responsible for millions of deaths of society’s most vulnerable and innocent.


He was the kind of voice Canada needed and continues to need. Rest in Peace Great Cardinal Turcotte!


Monday, April 06, 2015

We Love You But....

In another twisted tale involving sperm donors and other unnatural and immoral reproduction methods, a lesbian couple is suing an American company who claimed the sperm donor was a healthy man with a master’s degree, but was in fact a man with schizophrenia who was a college dropout. So now the couple is suing the company who provided the sperm because of this false information. It’s the company’s fault though right? Wrong. It’s the fault of people who want to play God. We were never designed as human beings to anonymously put together reproductive cells without ever meeting. This is just wrong on so many levels.


First you are treating an unborn child like a commodity, ordering sperm cells through a company and never meeting the actual father. There is no act of love from which this child is conceived, but rather masked lab technicians prepare egg and sperm in petri dishes. A child, rather than being conceived in the embrace of loving parents, is manufactured at the hands of a stranger in a brightly lit laboratory surrounded by chemicals and latex gloves. The parents in this case do not even know each other. The child, rather than being the result of a loving union is the result of being fused together in a laboratory by a scientist. There is no love, only a financial transaction.


If this child is eventually implanted into the womb of a woman and is eventually born, he will be one of the lucky ones. Many others, probably most, are either destroyed or left in an indefinite frozen limbo.


These stories are now a dime-a-dozen. There are stories of “parents” suing sperm banks because their child didn’t live up to their expectations. Can you imagine a child growing up knowing he was not only manufactured by a stranger using the sperm of a father he’ll never know, but that the mother was upset with her purchase and sued the laboratory that manufactured him because he wasn’t up to her expectations. Think this kid might possibly have issues?


For all the disturbing details, check out the article:



Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday Pro-life March 2015 St. John's NL

Today at 9:30am a group of committed pro-lifers in St. John’s NL gathered at the Health Sciences Centre as they’ve done for close to 40 years to protest the evil of abortion. Not only is abortion legal in Newfoundland, it’s funded by taxpayers (often against their will). We walked around the parking lot about 5 or 6 times. After the walk, we gathered to sing hymns and to pray.


It was a great event. The theme was that all life is valuable and that this must remain the case. Otherwise, our respect for life slips away gradually until eventually human life is trivial and no longer sacred. Christ gave his life for us, and we should respect all human life.


Of course at this event also was the ever-expanding group of pro-abortionists who yelled and screamed nonsensical chants. This might sound like a biased opinion, but let’s review some of the chants that were offered. Keep in mind, this group had an entire year to formulate new chants. This is the best they could come up with:


Keep your rosaries off our ovaries!

I don’t recall any pro-lifers attempting to somehow apply rosary beads to anyone’s ovaries. Okay, maybe they mean it figuratively. But again, the pro-life movement doesn’t concern itself with saving women’s ovaries. Generally pro-lifers are opposed to bodily mutilation, but that’s a personal choice. What we are concerned with is the unborn child. Again, let’s be generous and assume the rosary beads to which the abortion advocates are referring is morality? Yes, our moral system says it is wrong to kill a child. I don’t think this is unreasonable.


This is what democracy looks like – that is what hypocrisy looks like!

According to pro-abortionists, their support for abortion is an exercise in democracy, while our support of not killing babies in the womb is hypocritical. I suppose democracy and hypocrisy rhyme, but other than that this makes very little sense. What even is democracy in the first place? It’s the rule of the populace. People vote for policies they favour. Pro-abortionists favour taxpayer funded abortion, while pro-lifers favor making killing unborn children illegal. I’m not quite sure how it’s hypocritical to oppose abortion. Wouldn’t hypocrisy be seen on a case-by-case basis. It would be hypocritical maybe for someone to perform abortions then rally to end it. But that’s not what’s happening here.


Get your theology off our biology!

Another nonsensical rallying cry of the pro-abortion movement. I’m assuming by this they mean something similar to the aforementioned slogan about keeping our rosaries off their ovaries. You’ll notice Catholics don’t campaign to end the practice of people eating meat on Good Friday or to force everyone to go to Mass each week even though these are theological issues. The reason Catholics protest abortion is because of our belief that life begins at conception and therefore an abortion kills a child. Writing off the protest as nothing but a theological concern is disingenuous. And again, we are not concerned with their “biology”, we are concerned with the human life involved. If a Catholic group protested murder or rape, would this also be called a “theological” objection that has no place in the public square. Plus, theology is the study of God. But even atheists can and do oppose abortion. So again, this chant is absurd.


Clearly the pro-abortion movement does not rely on logic or reason to put their points across. They rely completely on emotion, acting as if they are victims of religious oppression. Logically they don’t have a leg to stand on which is why over and over you see groups in universities forcefully disallowing debates on life to even take place.


Another point I would like to address about our pro-life demonstration is the schism that has taken place. While one group of pro-lifers is walking around the health sciences parking lot, another large group attends a pro-life ecumenical service at a church. While both may have value, I believe we should present a united front. The ecumenical church gathering should take place before or after the walk so people can attend both. The more people who walk around the health sciences parking lot, the better. It is a more effective witness.


Some people believe the ecumenical service is specifically scheduled to coincide with the march in order to replace it. If this is true, this is a truly sad situation. Once enough people join the walk, it will reach a critical mass and more and more new people will come on board. At some point we could influence the law.


Let’s hope for the continued success of the Good Friday Pro-Life March!