Friday, April 03, 2015

Good Friday Pro-life March 2015 St. John's NL

Today at 9:30am a group of committed pro-lifers in St. John’s NL gathered at the Health Sciences Centre as they’ve done for close to 40 years to protest the evil of abortion. Not only is abortion legal in Newfoundland, it’s funded by taxpayers (often against their will). We walked around the parking lot about 5 or 6 times. After the walk, we gathered to sing hymns and to pray.


It was a great event. The theme was that all life is valuable and that this must remain the case. Otherwise, our respect for life slips away gradually until eventually human life is trivial and no longer sacred. Christ gave his life for us, and we should respect all human life.


Of course at this event also was the ever-expanding group of pro-abortionists who yelled and screamed nonsensical chants. This might sound like a biased opinion, but let’s review some of the chants that were offered. Keep in mind, this group had an entire year to formulate new chants. This is the best they could come up with:


Keep your rosaries off our ovaries!

I don’t recall any pro-lifers attempting to somehow apply rosary beads to anyone’s ovaries. Okay, maybe they mean it figuratively. But again, the pro-life movement doesn’t concern itself with saving women’s ovaries. Generally pro-lifers are opposed to bodily mutilation, but that’s a personal choice. What we are concerned with is the unborn child. Again, let’s be generous and assume the rosary beads to which the abortion advocates are referring is morality? Yes, our moral system says it is wrong to kill a child. I don’t think this is unreasonable.


This is what democracy looks like – that is what hypocrisy looks like!

According to pro-abortionists, their support for abortion is an exercise in democracy, while our support of not killing babies in the womb is hypocritical. I suppose democracy and hypocrisy rhyme, but other than that this makes very little sense. What even is democracy in the first place? It’s the rule of the populace. People vote for policies they favour. Pro-abortionists favour taxpayer funded abortion, while pro-lifers favor making killing unborn children illegal. I’m not quite sure how it’s hypocritical to oppose abortion. Wouldn’t hypocrisy be seen on a case-by-case basis. It would be hypocritical maybe for someone to perform abortions then rally to end it. But that’s not what’s happening here.


Get your theology off our biology!

Another nonsensical rallying cry of the pro-abortion movement. I’m assuming by this they mean something similar to the aforementioned slogan about keeping our rosaries off their ovaries. You’ll notice Catholics don’t campaign to end the practice of people eating meat on Good Friday or to force everyone to go to Mass each week even though these are theological issues. The reason Catholics protest abortion is because of our belief that life begins at conception and therefore an abortion kills a child. Writing off the protest as nothing but a theological concern is disingenuous. And again, we are not concerned with their “biology”, we are concerned with the human life involved. If a Catholic group protested murder or rape, would this also be called a “theological” objection that has no place in the public square. Plus, theology is the study of God. But even atheists can and do oppose abortion. So again, this chant is absurd.


Clearly the pro-abortion movement does not rely on logic or reason to put their points across. They rely completely on emotion, acting as if they are victims of religious oppression. Logically they don’t have a leg to stand on which is why over and over you see groups in universities forcefully disallowing debates on life to even take place.


Another point I would like to address about our pro-life demonstration is the schism that has taken place. While one group of pro-lifers is walking around the health sciences parking lot, another large group attends a pro-life ecumenical service at a church. While both may have value, I believe we should present a united front. The ecumenical church gathering should take place before or after the walk so people can attend both. The more people who walk around the health sciences parking lot, the better. It is a more effective witness.


Some people believe the ecumenical service is specifically scheduled to coincide with the march in order to replace it. If this is true, this is a truly sad situation. Once enough people join the walk, it will reach a critical mass and more and more new people will come on board. At some point we could influence the law.


Let’s hope for the continued success of the Good Friday Pro-Life March!

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  1. You spoke of two events happening at the same time, are they sponsored by two different pro-life groups? If yes, are both groups Catholic and/or endorsed by the local Bishop?

    I would think that Catholics would want to attend the event the local Bishop supports (and hopefully attends)