Monday, April 06, 2015

We Love You But....

In another twisted tale involving sperm donors and other unnatural and immoral reproduction methods, a lesbian couple is suing an American company who claimed the sperm donor was a healthy man with a master’s degree, but was in fact a man with schizophrenia who was a college dropout. So now the couple is suing the company who provided the sperm because of this false information. It’s the company’s fault though right? Wrong. It’s the fault of people who want to play God. We were never designed as human beings to anonymously put together reproductive cells without ever meeting. This is just wrong on so many levels.


First you are treating an unborn child like a commodity, ordering sperm cells through a company and never meeting the actual father. There is no act of love from which this child is conceived, but rather masked lab technicians prepare egg and sperm in petri dishes. A child, rather than being conceived in the embrace of loving parents, is manufactured at the hands of a stranger in a brightly lit laboratory surrounded by chemicals and latex gloves. The parents in this case do not even know each other. The child, rather than being the result of a loving union is the result of being fused together in a laboratory by a scientist. There is no love, only a financial transaction.


If this child is eventually implanted into the womb of a woman and is eventually born, he will be one of the lucky ones. Many others, probably most, are either destroyed or left in an indefinite frozen limbo.


These stories are now a dime-a-dozen. There are stories of “parents” suing sperm banks because their child didn’t live up to their expectations. Can you imagine a child growing up knowing he was not only manufactured by a stranger using the sperm of a father he’ll never know, but that the mother was upset with her purchase and sued the laboratory that manufactured him because he wasn’t up to her expectations. Think this kid might possibly have issues?


For all the disturbing details, check out the article:



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