Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Want an easy $30,000? Be an atheist!

In another example of judicial absurdity, a Quebec non-religious person demanded the city council of Saguenay  remove all religious symbols and stop a 20-second prayer in the morning. Alain Simoneau complained to the Human Rights Tribunal, a kangaroo court that routinely persecutes Christians. But it gets weirder.


The court not only sided with the atheist, and ordered the city council to remove all religious symbols and to stop prayers, but then the court, for some bizarre reason, told the council to pay this man $30,000! So he didn’t like religious symbols, demanded they be removed, complained, got his way, but they somehow felt he deserved $30,000 on top of that!! What a crazy world we’re living in. How is this even possible!?


What “damage” did he suffer from the 20 second prayer? How can anyone in their right mind think this whiner deserves $30,000! I cannot understand this, and any rational atheist shouldn’t be able to either.


This kind of judicial absurdity has gone too far. Recently on my other non-religious blog on the subject of freedom, I wrote an article about a woman who was awarded $6000 for simply being asked to wear a bikini top. She didn’t do it, she refused. But yet the court felt she was owed $6000. This makes no sense. If she doesn’t want to work there, she can quit.


But to make the Quebec case even worse, the “Human Rights” Tribunal isn’t even a court, it’s a tribunal. Fortunately, the mayor against whom the claim was made, Jean Tremblay, appealed the decision to the Quebec provincial court who ruled in his favour. But now the whole thing is going to the Supreme Court.


I actually tend to agree that a city council should be neutral in the area of religion. But I also think the public sector should be much smaller to make such matters mostly irrelevant. What happens on private property in terms of religion is of no concern to the government. But that’s a topic for another day. The problem with having religion at a political level is the government uses force, whereas the private sector uses voluntary interactions. Plus I believe in the separation of church and state.


Having said that, not everything that happens in government has to do with force. If an individual politician wants to recite a prayer at an event, people can choose whether or not they participate. There can be rules around it and others can be free to say their own prayers.


The big problem I have in this case is that they believe an atheist deserves $30,000 just for making a complaint. The legal system should be used to restore people to their status before something criminal happened. He could claim, for instance, he was forced to participate in prayer for several years. This would probably be an absurd claim unless there was some statute written saying if a politician doesn’t participate they are fired or something, which I highly doubt. But just for argument sake, say he felt coerced. Well, they could compensate him for 20 seconds per day for probably 150 days per year. That’s 50 minutes per year. So over three years, 150 minutes. Assume he makes $40 per hour, that’s $100. That would make sense, but $30,000?


They’re saying that he is owed around $12,000 for every HOUR that he had to sit through the “torture” of hearing a few people say a quick prayer. Does anyone think this sounds right? This is assuming he was forced, but how would we define “force”? Did people forcibly lift him up and take his arm and make him make the sign of the cross? Of course not. He could have just sat there, he probably could have listened to headphones, etc.


Human Rights Tribunals have made a mockery of justice. No one deserves to be massively rewarded for a minor inconvenience. Hopefully the Supreme Court agrees and throws out the absurd case.


Plus what about everyone else’s rights? I was in a workplace one time where everyone took turns mocking Christianity, declaring their opposition to it, etc. As a Catholic, I did not enjoy being in that environment, but did I sue anyone? Could I sue anyone? Probably not. In the history of most human rights tribunals in Canada, there hasn’t been a single case brought forth because of persecution of a Christian, at least none that have been allowed. However, Christians have often been the victims of these illegitimate farces.




I was writing this article throughout the day today, and I just received word that the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously rejected prayer in the city council chambers. But they also said the plaintiff must be paid $33,200, which is even more than before. I also learned that the mayor had given the option to not attend the first minute or two of meetings where prayers took place if someone didn’t want to. So the plaintiff could have just stayed out of the room and there wouldn’t be a problem.


But no, that wasn’t good enough, the mayor had to be punished to the tune of $33,200. This is completely outrageous! I don’t think this is even the mayor’s own money, this is taxpayers’ money and it’s going to some whiney brat looking for a payday? And it’s not as though Quebec and Catholicism are completely unrelated. Catholicism basically founded Quebec. I’m amazed at the street and city names found in Quebec. Almost every one is of a saint, often very obscure ones. Their Catholic heritage cannot be denied!


But of course, in our new modern world, Christians are to be treated the most harshly and given the fewest rights. Hopefully Canada will change this path that it’s on!




  1. How would you feel if you had to sit through a Satanist prayer? Or maybe a Muslim prayer where everyone around you is facing Mecca? It is important to keep religion separate from government and everything neutral so that everyone is included. Everyone should be able to pray as much as they want, with family and community in a private place or a public place of worship, but not at a meeting sponsored by the people's government.

  2. Atheists are disrespectful, bigoted, brainwashed brutes. I hate them so much.

  3. Atheists are right up there (or should I say right DOWN there?) with rapists, racists, sexists, Nazis, and pedophiles. They are the most disgusting, inhuman, immoral beasts that have ever walked the earth. The best thing to do is just ignore them as much as possible. "Shun the non-believers! Shuuuuuuuuuuuuun! SssssSSSSSSSsssshhhhHHHHHhuuuUUUUUUUuuunnnnnnnNnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnn!" :)