Saturday, July 02, 2016

Pride of Scientists (especially Atheists)

I realized something as I was watching a video today. Atheist scientists act with such confidence in everything they say that if a religious person acted a quarter as cocky and self-assured they would be lambasted for their pride and hubris.

Now I should also be specific. The most brilliant minds, even when they were agnostic, did not speak like this. I'm talking about mid-level scientists. They have just enough knowledge to feel like they are better than everyone else, without the lessons in humility that come from religion. This is because they view religion as completely worthless at best and thus ignore it. Then, because they have nothing to follow, they revert to a primitive non-religious attitude which religion sets about to correct.

What scientists have wrong is that religion is not about science any more than music is. It's about morals and spirituality. But scientists feel they don't need these things. Because of this, there is nothing stopping them from living according to their base desires such as anger, pettiness, and yes, pride.

Look how many scientists, who know absolutely nothing about religion, tell everyone religion is harmful and they should stop following it. This would be like a poet declaring science has no purpose simply because he doesn't understand.

But here's the thing. Religion is far more important than science, even though science is very important. Think about it. What causes problems in our world? Anger, jealousy, attachment to sin such as gluttony, lust, etc. If we could have a world where everyone loved and cared for one another and treated them with respect, that would solve so many things.

Atheist scientists who have nothing to offer in this area, rather than stay out of the conversation altogether, force everyone else to listen to their ideas on them. Yet, no religious person in a million years would be conceited enough for force everyone to listen to their opinions about science.