Saturday, July 02, 2016

Pride of Scientists (especially Atheists)

I realized something as I was watching a video today. Atheist scientists act with such confidence in everything they say that if a religious person acted a quarter as cocky and self-assured they would be lambasted for their pride and hubris.

Now I should also be specific. The most brilliant minds, even when they were agnostic, did not speak like this. I'm talking about mid-level scientists. They have just enough knowledge to feel like they are better than everyone else, without the lessons in humility that come from religion. This is because they view religion as completely worthless at best and thus ignore it. Then, because they have nothing to follow, they revert to a primitive non-religious attitude which religion sets about to correct.

What scientists have wrong is that religion is not about science any more than music is. It's about morals and spirituality. But scientists feel they don't need these things. Because of this, there is nothing stopping them from living according to their base desires such as anger, pettiness, and yes, pride.

Look how many scientists, who know absolutely nothing about religion, tell everyone religion is harmful and they should stop following it. This would be like a poet declaring science has no purpose simply because he doesn't understand.

But here's the thing. Religion is far more important than science, even though science is very important. Think about it. What causes problems in our world? Anger, jealousy, attachment to sin such as gluttony, lust, etc. If we could have a world where everyone loved and cared for one another and treated them with respect, that would solve so many things.

Atheist scientists who have nothing to offer in this area, rather than stay out of the conversation altogether, force everyone else to listen to their ideas on them. Yet, no religious person in a million years would be conceited enough for force everyone to listen to their opinions about science.


  1. "Look how many scientists, who know absolutely nothing about religion, tell everyone religion is harmful and they should stop following it."
    Please give an example!
    It's unfortunate that Phil is so misguided. Scientists are simply looking for answers about our world in the form of falsifiable evidence. They are trying to help humanity by pursuing truth…not blind faith. If someone happens to not believe in your god because there is no evidence for its existence, this is a separate issue. BUT those of us who show actual kindness and compassion for all life don't require a “holy book” and set of laws to tell us what our morals should be. Therefore, it is ignorant to portray an atheist as someone who only wants to live "according to his base desires." I get the impression that Phil would be doing all sorts of horrible things to people and animals if he didn’t have his bible to tell him not to.
    Want a true example of someone trying to force beliefs on others? Look in the mirror. Religions are the grandmaster of this practice, and Catholics are at the top of that list. Crusades, conquest in Latin America, Inquisitions, torture and slaughter of 100,000 nonbelievers in the 1500s (witch hunts), proselytizing in Africa and persecution of traditional religion, pushing global opposition to birth control...
    Remember Galileo? Phil kind of reminds me of those Catholics in the 1500s who were laughing at a scientist for saying the universe does NOT revolve around the earth.

    1. who are you anyway? Do I personally know you, if so identify yourself. The number of people killed by christians is a rounding error for the numbers killed by atheists.

    2. At least Christianity is the truth, unlike atheism. Atheism is fiction, a fairytale for people who are afraid of reality. Christianity IS reality. No offense.

    3. So when are atheists going to apologize for all of the atheists who have killed hundreds if millions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the past century alone? When are atheists going to denounce the actions of atheist dictators like Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Kim Jung-Il, Kim Jung-Un, etc.? When will atheists denounce the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer, Craig Steven Hicks, the Columbine shooters, Christina Grimmie's killer, the Umpqua Community College shooter, etc.? When are atheists going to denounce Sam Harris' disgusting claim that it should be considered "ethical" to kill theists? When will atheists stop being such sick, immoral, power-hungry, murderous, violent, narcissistic, hypocritical, bigoted, hateful, intolerant, abusive, history-denying, science-denying, arrogant, ignorant, megalomaniacal bastards?

      Do let me know when you atheist pieces of filth are ready to learn to act like human beings. Until then, I'm going to keep on disliking and distrusting all of you. Because you all deserve it. ;)

    4. How does it feel knowing that Christians are intelligent and scientific and atheists are unintelligent morons who know nothing about science? Does it trigger you? Do you need to go to your little safe space? ;)

      All atheists are small-minded, non-intellectual, hypocritical, bigoted idiots. That is a fact.

      No adult with any sort of education believes that atheism is relevant or necessary today. (And no, HAVING A TEACHER WHO IS AN ATHEIST DOES NOT COUNT AS AN EDUCATION!)

      You atheists are so close-minded you deny the truth when it's staring you right in the face. Atheism is a delusion, nothing more. I refuse to fuel your delusion by allowing you to continue to stick your empty heads deeper and deeper into the sand when you hear opinions that you don't like. I'm going to continue to tell the truth about the idiotic mass delusion known as atheism, and if I make an uneducated, science-denying, history-denying, narcissist (aka an atheist) cry or retreat to their safe space with all the other SJWs, then I won't lose a minute of sleep. :)

      Atheists are garbage who treat everyone who is different like garbage. It's time to fight back!

    5. Atheistards! All atheists are fucking idiots! I swear to God, those dumbfucks are so insecure about the fact that Christians are better than them in every way that matters! That's why they go around treating Christians like shit! Atheists are just retarded, worthless, ugly, talentless, brainless, bigoted, hypocritical, fucking morons and that is all they'll ever be! Fuck them!

      I have a lot more that I want to say, but I should stop. I love triggering atheistards, but I'm always afraid of triggering them to the point that they go outside for a change and burn down churches, beat up black people, rape women and children, or shoot people in the head for being Muslim. Not that atheists need me to trigger them into doing all of those things; they do that shit all the time just because they "can".

      I'll just say this one more time: FUCK ATHEISTS.

  2. It is sad, Galileo Phil, that you consider human lives that are tragically lost to be nothing more than a rounding error. Nevertheless, the difference here is that no one has been killed in the name of atheism. Yes, atheists have killed people, but atheism itself isn't a principle, cause, philosophy, or belief system which people fight, die, or kill for. Atheism is simply an absence of belief. For example, if you, Galileo Phil, don't believe in unicorns, yet you kill someone, does that mean someone was murdered in the name of anti-unicornists?

    1. This is false. Atheism was a major part of many communist regimes, this was a philosophical foundation of their system. To pretend it had no effect is to ignore history and reality. The fundamental relevance of atheism in these regimes is clearly demonstrated in their insistence that all subjects be atheist and those who did not comply were punished in various ways up to and including death.

      I suspect what you are trying to do is the no true scotsman fallacy. "atheism is just a lack of belief, and lacks of belief don't cause violence". for the reasons above this is false. It's part of a philosophical system.

      On top of this, with atheism, you remove the divine edict that all human life is sacred and must be protected. Without a universal moral code, human beings are expendable as long as the greater goal is achieved. This is manifested in atheism and we can easily see the results in history.

    2. More people have been killed in the name of atheism than any other belief system. Every evil dictator in the past 100 years was an atheist, which is precisely why atheism and politics should be separated. Atheism has no place in politics... or science... or... anything, really. All it does is brainwash people and turn them into violent, unthinking, bigoted imbeciles. These days, it's rare to see a Christian murder anyone, but atheists are still going around shooting up schools and churches just because they're bored and they can't stand anyone who disagrees with them. Atheists are so brainwashed! They believe they are objectively correct about everything and that everyone who doesn't believe in atheism *cough fiction cough* is a "science-denier" or a "bigot".


      And people say atheism ISN'T the cause of all the problems in the world, pfffffttt!!

    3. Remind me again why atheists should love themselves...?

    4. Every atheist ever: "Affiests ain't never hurt no one no how! Itz da Christchanz dat are da bad guiz not uz affiests! We iz oppressed an Christchanz r so privlij'd!"

      Lol! Wtf atheists! Roflmfao!

      This is... next level right here...

      Atheists have ALWAYS been the cause of Christian suffering. Every evil dictator in the past century was an atheists or someone with atheist ideals.

      And it's not just Christians who have suffered thanks to the stupidity and bigotry of atheists; the Holocaust occurred because of an atheist dictator. Jewish people STILL face cruelty and discrimination at the hands of Neo-Nazi atheist scum. Muslims are being treated like freaks from another planet and murdered in their own homes and Mosques by... you guessed it... atheists! Pretty much every school shooting in the past twenty years has been carried out by psychotic atheists who got triggered by people being allowed to think differently than they do. Black churches have been burned down and shot up by racist, Christophobic atheist monsters who had nothing better to do than ruin the lives of others. Atheists all automatically hate everyone who disagrees with them and doesn't hesitate to make every non-atheist they come across as miserable as possible.

      That's what atheists do. They despise everyone who is different, even their own family. They are immoral, bigoted, violent, hypocritical, heartless, soulless, narcissistic, selfish, greedy, arrogant, ignorant, oppressive, brainless, thoughtless, aggressive, irrational, illogical, idiotic, impressionable, pathetic, useless, trend-following sheep who blindly believe whatever they're told and who are so full of themselves that they want everyone else in the world to be just like them and who are so privileged that they want to be oppressed so badly (while continuing to be oppressive).

      I hate liberal atheists (and atheists in general) so much.

    5. Dude, atheists are the most dangerous and all-around worst people in the world.

      In the 20th century alone, atheists killed more than 300 million people in the name of atheism. Today, atheists continue to brutally murder anyone who they disagree with. They are not peaceful. They are disgusting, evil, vicious, wild animals that should be thrown in cages at the zoo. At least then they can get well-deserved ridicule without harming anyone and everyone who dares to question them.

    6. In order for one to do bad things, one must lack morality. Atheists lack morality. Therefore, in order to do bad things, one needs atheism.

    7. Atheists have been murdering innocent theists for centuries.

      In your version of morality, it's "ethical" to kill people who don't think like you.

      And you wonder why we call atheism a disease. It poisons people's minds and turns them into aggressive, violent, hypocritical, narcissistic, science-denying, history-denying, arrogant, ignorant, stupid, intolerant, hateful bigots.

      Who said you had the moral high ground? (Probably some retarded atheist.) Atheism has always been the worst religious group that has ever existed.

  3. Atheism is a disgusting, dangerous disease. We need to destroy it as soon as possible.

  4. You like science? Thank the Christians for that!
    What about music? Literature? Holidays? Art? Thank the Christians for that!

    Too stupid to understand science? Try atheism!

    For real, the only thing atheism has ever done for science was literally nothing except taking credit for all of the scientific accomplishments made by Christian scientists -- like the theory of evolution, atom splitting, organ transplants, nuclear physics, vaccines, taxonomy, physiology, calculus, and... wait for it... wait for it... here it comes!... *drumroll*... THE BIG BANG THEORY!

    1. Atheists are also too stupid to understand the Bible. It goes without saying, but Christians know way more about science, history, and the Bible than atheists do.

  5. Fucking atheist retards.

    If I ever became a cop, I would make it my duty to place as many atheists under arrest as possible. Those sick pigs that society loves so much don't belong in civilized society. They are immoral, selfish, heartless, subhuman pieces of garbage who gleefully sit back and watch people suffer because of their arrogance, ignorance, selfishness, and stupidity. Their sole purpose in life is to ruin and destroy the lives of anyone who doesn't follow the disgusting, idiotic, evil religion known as atheism.

    The world would be a better place if those vile, unlikable monsters ceased to exist.

  6. An atheist hates everyone who doesn't agree with him/her.

    Why should we sane people respect atheists?

  7. Atheism is abuse. Pure and simple. Just look around everywhere: atheists are constantly harassing and putting down anyone who disagrees with them (especially Christians). Most spiritual abuse is carried out by atheists who are so arrogant and elitist that they think anyone who has a different worldview than theirs is a stupid, horrible person.

    1. Ain't that the truth!

  8. The sooner atheists become such a small minority that their voices are never heard again, the better. Those worthless, disgusting, sub-human bigots don't deserve a voice. All they ever do is ruin the lives of everyone who isn't a straight, white, school-shooting, child-molesting, atheist man.

  9. God exists. That's not an opinion, that's a fact.

    Atheism is simply a belief -- just an idea. There is no evidence for atheist claims, only outdated theories.

    The fact that the religion of atheism has caused so many wars, acts of violence, abuse, hatred and bigotry just baffles me. How can a simple, arbitrary belief system like atheism cause so much destruction and suffering? It's ridiculous. Atheists might as well attack people for not believing in Santa Claus -- it's basically the same thing as attacking people for not believing in the lie known as atheism!

  10. "The most brilliant minds, even when they were agnostic, did not speak like this."

    That's a good point.

    Atheists naturally have a bad habit of strutting around saying "I'm right, your wrong, and boy do I feel sorry for you if you disagree with me!" (One of the many reasons why I'm not an atheist.) Many of them think they are so high above everyone and everything, and they think they can never be wrong. (Some Christians act like that too, but they're a very small minority.)

    It's all just a big competition of "Who's the Biggest, Smartest and Loudest?" to atheists. Atheists only do good deeds so they can have bragging rights, get rewarded and rub their success in the faces of all the "oh-so evil Christians". Meanwhile, Christians are too busy helping out in their communities and all over the world to care about competing in such worthless and pointless contests to see which religious group is "the best". Christians do good deeds because it's the right thing to do, not because they want some kind of reward.

    Why can't we all just be good to one another without bragging about who's right, who's wrong, who's smarter and who's better? None of that matters. What really matters is loving everyone, treating everyone with respect, doing good deeds and being a good person. I wish more atheists would do those things without all the gloating.

  11. No offense but white atheists are the human equivalent of disease-ridden mosquitoes.

  12. Atheism is illogical itself. Atheists don't believe in higher powers but they believe in magical underwear and silly theories from the dark ages. It's hilarious to me how they think they're all such scientific geniuses when really they're all so freaking dumb! XD

  13. "Herp derp! I'm an atheist because I believe in science and atheism is synonymous with science hurr hurr hurr!" Atheism - seriously? Think about it! Christians invented science as we know it. Atheists owe us thanks for proposing the theories and ideas that they believe in, but instead, they deny scientific claims that contradict their illogical worldview. They are the real anti-scientific ones here. We Christians are the real logical, reasonable, rational, scientific ones.

  14. No matter what the stupid, arrogant, abusive, hateful, intolerant, violent, hypocritical, bigoted idiots known as atheists say:
    Christianity is a valid worldview. I wasn't born a Christian, I became a Christian because CHRISTIANITY ACTUALLY MAKES FUCKING SENSE! Other than the fact that there is a lot of evidence for God's existence and no evidence whatsoever against God's existence, atheism is fucking stupid and makes absolutely NO SENSE! Atheism is the equivalent of denying the fact that bakers exist and cakes don't bake themselves. They deny the obvious and harass those of us who believe in things based on facts, evidence and science.

    Christianity is awesome as fuck and any atheist who says otherwise is an idiot who sees himself/herself as a genius and sees actual geniuses as fools.

  15. I will never ever respect atheists or atheism in general.

  16. The entire religion of atheism is built upon the hatred and discrimination of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and everyone else who believes in a Higher Power. (Yes, atheism is a religion. Get over yourselves you psuedo-scientific freaks!)

    For centuries, atheists have been so offended and so triggered by people disagreeing with their (fictional) worldview that they have been suing, imprisoning, abusing, harassing, torturing, threatening, and even murdering non-atheists all around the world. Their main goal is to ban/eradicate any belief or evidence that goes against their own beliefs. The only way that they can really do that is by starting another Holocaust, this time not just against Jews, but against Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and everyone else who is smart enough to disagree with the stupid, illogical belief system known as atheism. Atheists feel so threatened by anyone different from them that they see a mass genocide against all non-atheists as a heroic, noble act. They see it as "social justice."


    1. Why Atheism is Immoral: Reason #999,999,999,999,999.

  17. Psst... hey... hey atheists... guess what?

    FUCK YOU! t(-_-t)

    Do the world a favor and move to Mars you sick, weird, pseudo-scientific, atheist bastards! Nobody likes you! Nobody wants you around! The world would be a better place without you! All you do is fuck up everything for us NORMAL people! Go fuck up Mars for a change you worthless, sub-human piles of shit! Fuck off to your "utopia" and be blinded by the fiction of atheism some more! Just leave us normal, sane, logical, reasonable people alone, ok?

    The world.


  18. Fun fact: Even non-Christian scholars acknowledge the fact that Jesus existed historically.

    What more proof do you need that atheism is just ideas, opinions, feelings and stories rather than facts, logic and reason?

  19. Atheists: "Christians are so ignorant and stupid and anti-science!"

    Atheists: *Deny scientific and historical facts that go against their atheistic beliefs and have a very poor understanding of the Bible, God, Christians, and Christianity in general*

    Atheists: "Christians are so homophobic and bigoted!"

    Atheists: *Use "gay", "tranny", "retarded", and "autistic" as insults and are massively hostile and intolerant towards anyone who isn't an atheist*

    Atheists: "Christians are so sexist and racist!"

    Atheists: *Call women "sluts", "bitches", etc., use the "N" word, never let women or POC speak... ever and try to speak for them instead, burn down black churches, treat women and POC like lesser beings (especially if they believe in God), etc.*

    Atheists: "Christians are violent monsters!"

    Atheists: *Shoot up Christians in schools and churches, burn churches to the ground, kill people in their own homes simply for being Muslims, etc.*

    Atheists: "Why do Christians always shove their beliefs down everyone's throat!?"

    Atheists: *Shove atheism down everyone's throat*


    Christians: *Are mostly silent about their beliefs and respectful of others' beliefs, spend time and money helping those in need, contribute more to science and the arts than any other religious group, love everybody, are conscientious, work hard, do good deeds without expecting anything in return, have more charities than any other religious group, turn the other cheek and never attack atheist bullies in return, stand up for what's right, accept everyone, question their faith and do research instead of blindly believing in things, are altruistic, etc.*

    So remind me again who the better people are...?

  20. MAN! I love this blog! All those multiple savage Christian mic drops give me life! As always, we Christians outsmart atheists. We know more about the Bible, science, history and morality than any atheist ever could, and you never fail to demonstrate your superior Christian intelligence and expose to stupidity of atheists.

    Thank you, and God bless!

  21. Christianity compliments science like peanut butter compliments jelly because Christianity is based on facts. Atheism contradicts science because atheism is based on feelings rather than facts.

    Christianity! Because atheism is illogical, irrational and anti-science!

    1. If it weren't for Christians, science wouldn't exist.

      Have you seen space shuttles? You can't "atheist" that shit into space! Denying facts is what atheists are famous for, which is why atheism and science do not mix. Christianity and science, on the other hand, are one and the same. Prayer works, Christianity is always proven to be true, and atheism is a blatant, delusional, ignorant denial of facts and evidence just to appear "intelligent" (even though it just makes people look stupid.) Atheists are all deluded idiots. Plain and simple. No debates necessary.

  22. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. What evidence is there for the big bang?

    We have scientific and historical evidence for the Crucifixion, Noah's Ark, the Flood, of Christ's Birth, and of the existence of a Higher Power. When are atheists going to back up their beliefs with facts and evidence? Oh, that's right! They can't! Because their beliefs aren't based on facts or evidence; they're based on feelings!

    Disproving atheism is as easy as disproving the existence of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Because, just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, atheism is a fairytale for simple-minded children who don't understand science or history. There is so much scientific and historical evidence that supports Christianity. To deny the Truth that is Christianity would be like denying the fact that water is wet.

  23. Atheists believe in things that they WANT to be true. They don't believe in facts, or science, or evidence, or logic, or reason. They believe in IDEAS. Atheism is just an IDEA. Christianity is based on facts, evidence, logic, reason, and science. In fact, science is what leads atheists to Christianity, not the other way around. Christianity is not an idea, it's a FACT. Atheism is pure delusion. Atheists are nothing but arrogant, overrated, idiotic sheep and their beliefs are nothing but overrated, childish delusions. Atheism makes you dumber, not smarter or more enlightened. If you want to be smart and enlightened, dump the atheist fairytales and convert to Christianity.

  24. Don't worry about offending atheists with facts. Atheism should be offended. And besides, atheists are barely-literate savages anyway, so they probably have no idea what you're talking about.

    1. There's nothing new about Christians criticizing atheism. Atheism is poison, and it should be discarded before anymore unthinking, impressionable people ingest it. The only way to do that is by exposing atheism for the lie that it is by fair criticism, logic, reason, and a fair amount of good-natured ridicule of atheists and atheism in general. Eventually, people will come to their senses and realize that Christianity is the truth.


  25. LMAO I hate atheists!

    Those witless worms have nothing to be proud of. We theists invented and perfected your precious science, you stupid low-lives! You're welcome, BTW!

    Atheists are sub-human pieces of shit and they can stick it!

  26. Fact: Atheism is a pathetic, anti-scientific, illogical, irrational, unreasonable, nonsensical, evil belief system that only attracts impressionable man-children and insane, radical feminists.

  27. Teaching atheism instills fear and hatred in the hearts of young people. That's the main goal of atheism: to hate and fear anyone and anything that is different. Christianity teaches the opposite. Teaching Christianity encourages people to love and accept others. The main goal of Christianity is to be like Christ: good, loving, kind, peaceful, tolerant, accepting, etc. We Christians look up to the greatest Man the world has ever known. Atheists look up to psuedoscientific cult leaders and violent, aggressive, bigoted, arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical, unintelligent atheist fundies who see themselves as the greatest things since sliced bread when in reality, they're pathetically stupid and useless in the grand scheme of things. Jesus never encouraged His followers to kill people who disagree with them; Christopher Hitchens has. Jesus never told Christians to persecute atheists; Richard Dawkins encouraged his mindless fanboys to persecute Christians at every opportunity. Jesus told us to love others, even when they hate us; atheists blindly hate everyone who isn't an atheist, especially if they're Christians. I know Who I look up to. How about you?

  28. Atheists are all spineless cowards.

  29. Atheists have killed more people than any other religious group, and they're the least charitable religious group. They give nothing good to the world; all they ever do is ruin everything. Why should we respect them?

  30. Even a fool (aka an atheist) is smart enough to know that there is a God. That's why they're so pathetically aggressively defensive of their weak worldview and their right to deny the painfully obvious.

  31. It's hilariously ironic how atheists associate science with atheism, when Christians were the ones who invented and perfected science. You see, Christians believe in logic and reason because Christianity is true and real and based on facts. Atheism is fake, flawed, and based on outdated ideas and theories that have been debunked over and over again. Christianity is the undeniable truth, and atheism is an undeniable lie, which is why atheists are so defensive and insecure about their stupid, childish, misguided beliefs. Atheists get their science and beliefs from fiction books. Christians get their science and beliefs from from evidence, hard work, and facts.

  32. It's funny how arrogant atheists are about science, when Christians were the ones who invented science in the first place. Christianity relies on logic, reason and questioning the unknown. Atheism claims to have all the answers without doing any work to come to its conclusions and without having any evidence to back up such extraordinary claims. Face it, atheists. Atheism is either a myth fabricated by the media to control the masses, or it's a fairytale created to comfort abnormal people who are extremely insecure about their abnormality. Christianity is all about science, logic and critical thinking; atheism is all about jumping to extreme conclusions, assuming those outrageous conclusions are facts without even bothering to do research, and demonizing anyone who doesn't have a blind faith-based, anti-science, atheistic worldview. Sorry, but it's the truth.

  33. I've never had a problem separating science and ath**sm. Ath**sts deny facts and evidence that goes against their bias and vitriolic hatred towards God, Christians, and everyone else who disagrees with their stupid theophobic beliefs. When ath**sts finally grow brains and realize that it was Christians who came up with evolution and the big bang theory, they'll suddenly claim that both theories are "stupid". Christians are open to criticism and different ideas and opinions. Ath**sts on the other hand, are not.

  34. I'm not a Catholic, but I absolutely love this blog! Especially the anti-atheist posts!

    You are so clever and smart-assy (in a good way), which is to be expected from a Christian. No one expects atheists to be clever or witty in anyway, because they all have low IQs and are too immature to come up with anything good, creative, smart, revolutionary, or original.

    Who needs atheists? Nobody.

    Christianity wins.

    1. Agreed!

      I fucking love Christianity, so fuck you atheists! *sticks up middle finger to atheists* :)

  35. Atheists have WAY to much power... and that frightens me.

    Keep your beliefs to yourselves, atheists. Stop trying to force your stupid, disgusting religion (that you claim is not a religion) on those of us who are perfectly content with the simple act of understanding the fact that there is a God.

    If there was a law that infringed the rights of atheists (especially the atheist left) but gave Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. the freedom to openly practice their religions without harassment from anti-theist bigots (aka atheists), I would definitely support that law.

  36. Fact #1: Atheists don't believe in science. They believe in fictional stories created by man.

    Fact #2: Christians invented science and apply science, logic, and reason to everything they believe.

    Fact #3: While Christianity is the objective truth and is based on facts and evidence, atheism is a lie based on wishful thinking, superstitions, and delusions.

    u mad atheists? ^_^

  37. I am so proud to be a Christian because unlike atheists, Christians are delusion-free! :D


  38. X'D X'D X'D X'D Lol! Atheists really don't know anything about science. They're also not very bright in general. Ask them a difficult question about why they believe what they believe, and they'll just say "Oh we don't know about that yet, but science is getting closer everyday!" Ah, the classic Atheism of the Gaps Fallacy. Gotta love it. *snicker*

  39. Fact: Atheists are science-denying, history-denying, hypocritical, stupid, brainless, unthinking, bigoted, racist, sexist lunatics.

  40. Joseph Stalin.
    Adolf Hitler.
    Mao Zedong.
    Benito Mussolini.
    Kim Jong-Il.
    Elliot Rodger.
    Jeffrey Dahmer.
    The Columbine shooting.
    The 2015 Chapel Hills shooting.
    The Umpqua Community College shooting.
    The murder of Christina Grimmie.
    The Holocaust.
    The state of China and North Korea.
    Attempting to normalize/legalize pedophilia.
    Attempting to normalize/legalize the murder of theists.
    School/church shootings.
    Burning down/shooting up churches, mosques, etc.
    Physical/sexual/emotional abuse (especially of theists).
    Hate campaigns against theists.

    These are the most prominent atheist "accomplishments"!

    Oh yeah! Atheists have SOOOOO much to be proud of! GO ATHEISM! (In case it's not obvious enough for you atheists, I'm being sarcastic.)

  41. Atheism is irrational, delusional, and objectively wrong.
    Christianity is logical, rational, reasonable, and objectively correct.

    I'm right, and you all know it.

  42. Atheism prevents people from learning about science and history and causes people to disbelieve in obvious truths. It also causes people to deny science and history while claiming to know everything about science and history.

    Atheism is a mental disease, and we need to find a cure for it... FAST... before more people become delusional, unthinking, stupid hypocrites (aka atheists).

  43. Atheism? Cool idea. Too bad it's illogical and impossible. And stupid. And false.

    Be skeptical of extraordinary claims, like "God doesn't exist" or "nothing happens when you die" or "everything came into existence from nothing for no reason; we are all just one big cosmic accident".

    Atheists claim to know everything, when in reality, they don't know anything at all.

  44. The main difference between Christianity (based on facts, evidence and scientific method) and atheism (based on blind faith) is that Christians are intelligent, while it is impossible to be intelligent and be an atheist.

  45. Everyone should check out the YouTube channels "Escaping Atheism", "Deflating Atheism", and "GodTvRadio .com". They're definitely worthwhile channels. They swear a lot, but they point out the stupidity and irrationality of atheism in a rational, irrefutable way. So yeah, check 'em out! Unless you're an atheist fundamentalist... well, actually, atheist fundies should check them out too. It'll offend them, but hey, maybe it'll help them learn something for a change. *snicker*

    1. Escaping/Deflating Atheism have delivered so many Christian fatalities (Mortal Kombat reference) to atheists in their videos. I love those guys!

      Fuck yeah, Christians!

  46. I know you get a lot of comments like this, but I absolutely LOVE your blog! You're very brave. The things you say about atheists/atheism? That's some brave sh*t right there! Thank you! I applaud you, good sir! You are fantastic! :D

  47. Nobody gives a shit about atheism... especially not scientists.

    Atheism is just a useless fad, and I can't wait for it to go the way of bell-bottoms and 8 tracks.


  48. It's funny how easy it is to reverse the false claims that atheists make about Christians being stupid, aggressive, selfish, bigoted, hypocritical, violent, intolerant, uncharitable, anti-science, history-denying, etc. and say all of those things about atheists instead, then realize how accurately all of those claims describe atheists.

    Atheists sure love to project their flaws and shortcomings onto Christians.

  49. Atheism is as relevant today as diapers are to a toilet-trained person with excellent bowel/bladder control. No self-respecting, logical, reasonable, rational, or credible scientist is an atheist. Atheism is so illogical and violent, and it is the cause of the most deaths and wars throughout human history. Theists are dedicated to logic, reason, rationality, science, history, facts and evidence. All of those things are foreign concepts to atheists.

  50. True enlightenment requires knowledge, not atheism.

    One look into the atheist holy book, "The God Delusion" is all the proof you need to know that atheists are stupid, brainless lunatics! X'D

  51. Lol! "Atheist scientists"!

    Atheists have never build, fixed, created or discovered anything! They've never known how to, they're too stupid to understand science and basic logic! They probably just barely made it past first grade! Lol!

  52. And atheists wonder why they can't get dates (other than the fact that all the smart, beautiful girls go for Christian guys!) ;)