Friday, December 17, 2010

"Conservatives" support coercive abortion!

Bill C-510, which was introduced into Canadian Parliament and which was known as Roxanne's Law was voted down by Stephen Harper and his so-called "conservatives". The bill would make it a crime to coerce someone to have an abortion. Obviously this sounds like a very common sense law, but it did not pass. Therefore, is not illegal for a man to demand that his girlfriend or wife have an abortion and indeed coerce her into doing so.

Abortion has taken on a life of its own. Rights to abortion have trumped all other rights, including human rights. A man could be charged if he coerced his wife to have her ears pierced, but coercing her to kill their child is alright.

The bill was named after Roxanne Fernando who was savagely murdered by her boyfriend when she refused to have an abortion. I guess this is ok to some people, since abortion is of such importance.

Shame on you Stephen Harper and your supposed "Conservatives"!

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  1. You are right to condemn the PM for his vote, despite his great stand on Maternal Health against the Liberal sponsored Bill to export abortion and sterilzation to third world countries this past Spring.

    But the majority of heroic Conservative MPs from his caucus stood up against their own PM and defended women against forced abortion, including 11 Cabinet Members who broke ranks with their PM.

    87 Conservatives supported the bill to punish those who force or try to force women to have abortions.

    Only a measly 10 Liberals supported the Bill.

    No New Democrats supported the Bill. They appear to love forced abortions.

    No Bloc Quebecois Members supported the Bill. They also appear to love forced abortion.

    And the Greens, who have no MPs but view every human being born or unborn simply as a source of pollution are not the solution either.