Thursday, February 24, 2011

Planned Parenthood Funding Must END

I was just reading some articles on Planned Parenthood in the mainstream media, and of course as you would suspect, nearly all of them are against defunding the organization with public money in the United States. No big surprise there. The logic behind this protestation is very flawed though. Let me explain why.

The main, and almost exclusively used, argument against defunding Planned Parenthood is that it provides many good services to women-in-need such as HIV tests and pap smears. Others cite birth control as a "good" service, but I would disagree. Opponents of the funding ban agree that Planned Parenthood performs abortions, but say instead of focusing on that, focus on all the "other" services provided by this organization.

The problem with this is quite evident, even to a 5-year old. You cannot fund an organization which is involved with serious evil, in this case abortion. It doesn't matter how much good this organization does, the good doesn't override the evil.

Under the Hyde Amendment, it is illegal for the US government to fund abortion. Planned Parenthood proponents say this is not happening. No US funds go toward abortion, they say. Even if this were the case, the government money is certainly having an impact on the availability of the procedure. With government money, Planed Parenthood can open dozens of new locations each year. They can build new rooms that can be used for many medical procedures, but can also be used for abortion. There is simply no possible way to parse the money.

Therefore, government funding sponsors an organization which commits an evil act. Morally speaking, such an organization should not be funded.

A good analogy would be the United States sending money to Nazi Germany. The argument could be made that the Nazis are doing a lot of good. The economy is recovering quite well. There is extremely low unemployment, technology is advancing, infrastructure is moving forward, etc. Of course, the Nazis are also killing millions of Jewish people as well. But that can be overlooked because the main thing we need to focus on, of course, is the building of roads and technology.

This is too absurd to even talk about. Planned Parenthood provides evil services which kill innocent children. It makes absolutely no difference how much "good" the organization does, it cannot compensate for the evil. The only way the United States Government could morally continue to support Planned Parenthood is if it ceased performing abortions and providing other immoral services. Otherwise, Planned Parenthood needs to be shut down completely.


  1. Have you lost your damn mind???? A very, very small percentages of abortions are done because of a woman accidentally got pregnant and didn't want/couldn't support the baby. There are a lot done because of medical reasons too - because the mother will die, or because the baby has died or will die immediately after being born. Also, the way to stop abortions (the kind that are done because of accidental pregnancies) is to provide education and contraception to men and women. This is what PP does and for someone to tell young women/men that because they're low-income, they're not worthy of proper reproductive medical care is pure ignorance. You can believe what you want but you have NO right to tell others what it appropriate for them or their bodies.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have responded to your comments in a new blog posting. You can view it here: