Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unwilling to Care

People just want comfort these days, and I'm probably no different. One area where this is manifested is in confronting struggles of others, including the loss of a loved one. It's quite popular these days for people to downplay someone's death or to simply explain it away. They do not allow themselves to even be shocked, let alone grieve.

A couple of days ago, the singer Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. A told a friend about it on an internet chat service. His immediate reaction was surprise, but quickly after he simply said it was expected. It was no longer a sad event to him or even something he should care about. He simply brushed it off as being "expected" and that was that.

Same thing happens often times when a loved one passes away. Instead of grieving, the whole process is quickly dismissed by using some easy explanation. Often after the first few minutes of surprise, the person will simply explain it away as "the person was old, they lived a good life" or something along those lines. The individual no longer feels the need to grieve, because well that's just how things are.

I don't really know what the root cause of this is. It could be a couple of factors. One is that people see the gravity of things as being connected to their emotions. If their emotions tell them to be sad, they will be sad, but if not, then they dismiss the event as "not that important".

But more importantly I think people really fear sadness. They would rather just have fun and not have to worry about big topics. They want the world to be orderly and they don't want their daily routine to be altered.

Despite the fact that Amy Winehouse was a drug and alcohol user, her death is still tragic and ought to be responded to with sadness rather than a complete lack of concern.


  1. Phil... Phiiiiillllllllll... this is the lord... stop writing such a pile of steaming nonsense on the internet... please... you are giving me a bad name...

  2. Hi Phil,

    I agree with you completly. The majority of people today want pleasure at any cost. If one of our relatives die or if a popular person dies we do not want to think about it as it may interfere with our thoughts of selfish pleasure.

    I also find it strange when people thing that Rock Stars are Gods. They are the envy of what we want in life. All the worldy pleasures imaginable. When they die of a drug overdose we are surprised and saddened. Those vices of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll, are part of the death culture and instead of idolizing them we should see them for what they are and learn a lesson from them. Stay away as far from them as possible. They end in destruction.