Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mention of Dr. Walley from Newfoundland

This is Catholic News Roundup, a service of RealCatholicTV. In this episode, they mention Canada and Newfoundlander Dr. Walley, who is the founder of MaterCare. Sadly, but unfortunately not surprisingly, Canada is not going to fund a pro-life organization, which provides maternal care for mothers giving birth.

I believe the reason is that the organization does not provide abortion or contraception, but as Dr. Walley pointed out, women who are about to give birth do not require any of those things.

It's kind of cool that Dr. Walley is mentioned, but too bad it has to be in this way.

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  1. I was just creeping around on my mom's bank account and noticed that support enforcement from my dad is $297 for this month for both my brother and I.
    This shows how a man can just walk away from children if he chooses to. There were many years where my dad avoided paying anything at all because we had to wait to get him in court to force him.
    Because a man can just walk away from children if he wants to much easier than a female I don't believe men really have any right to tell women they shouldn't have abortions.