Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take that Jon Stewart!

As I reported a few weeks ago, Jon Stewart sunk to a new low when he displayed a disgusting picture of a woman's private parts being covered by a nativity scene. He has freedom of speech, but everyone else has the freedom to protest. That's what the Catholic League did and it has had good results. Delta Airlines stopped sponsoring Jon's show. But Jon is remaining steadfast in his attack on the Church. So be it. Soon enough more sponsors will leave your show. I'm sure you'll find it in your heart somewhere to issue an apology once the money stops coming.


  1. the last time the Catholic Church ran all of Western Civilization they gave us The Dark Ages.
    The Church represses free speech because it can not hold up to scrutiny or reason. I am still waiting for the Pope to appologize for hiding decades of child molestation by Catholic priests . I used to fly Delta, now I will choose another carrier.

  2. Watch them delete and censor my remarks,