Monday, August 12, 2013

RIch Preachers (of L.A.)

Check out the following video:

Many people are upset with this new series coming out on the Oxygen network, known to many as Oprah Winfrey's tv station. As you can see from the 3 minute preview, the show follows the lives of several rich preachers. My reaction is not quite the same as most people's. Many react in disgust. How dare these men of God take all this money for themselves. This may be true, I'm not going to judge that. What I will judge is the prosperity gospel which says if you follow God's commandments, he will reward you with material wealth. I believe material wealth is objectively good and more wealth is better than less wealth. But I do not believe that material possessions are an indication of God's favor with a person.

I think the main message of Jesus was to not be attached to worldly things but to instead focus on spiritual things. Attachment to material wealth can lead to dissatisfaction with life and greed. Ultimately it can detract from our spiritual relationship with God. However, I do not think it's anyone's obligation to be poor, unless one takes a vow of poverty. The Catechism has an interesting message about greed. It says it can affect rich and poor. Poor people can become obsessed with money and become jealous of others who are more financially successful. This can lead to dissatisfaction. However, on the other hand, people with a lot of money can become so attached to it that they obsess over maintaining and protecting it. This too can lead to dissatisfaction.

Overall I think wealth creation is a good thing, especially when it lifts people out of poverty. But I think the main problem is attachment to wealth and possessions which can get in the way of our relationship with Christ.


  1. I think people that belong to the church of these rich men should find a church that promote God, the Son of God and the Words for us to meditate on and live by. there's a lot of good people suffering and trying there best to raise children in this cold world that don't respect or appreciate you unless you lie and cheat the blind and innocent to become a god, find a real God filled church where the pastor does not flaunt his weatlh but the wealth of the Lord, there is nothing wrong with pastors making a good living but where do you draw the line between a good living and greed.

  2. It is certainly reminiscent of the Catholic Church and all their riches and material possessions throughout the world. I suspect that many of your friends who are upset with this show are feeling hostile because these are black people of a different type of Christianity making a lot of money. I had the opportunity to see Pope John Paul II in Vatican City in 1997. Now that’s a Rich Preacher! Pope Francis has made some good efforts lately, and he acts more like Jesus than any other pope in my lifetime, but a lot of your friends are now upset with HIM for not discriminating against gay people and women. Anyway, Francis is on the right track, but he’s not much better than these preachers until he sells all the gold and artwork and uses it to open some secular schools in Pakistan to educate girls.