Saturday, January 16, 2016

John of God - Patron Saint of Heart Problems

John of God, who was born in Portugal in 1495, started off as a soldier and became a medical worker later in Spain. His followers founded a medical organization called the Brothers Hospitallers of Saint John of God in 1572 and they carry out their work to this day.

St. John of God who was canonized by the Catholic Church is the patron saint of heart diseases. Working as a soldier until age 40, John later became a shepherd. With time to himself to think, he realized he was a great sinner and decided to amend his life. At first he was going to go help Christians in Muslim countries, but was convinced not to do that after hearing a great speech by St. John of Avila. John of God had great zeal for proclaiming God's message, but he was somewhat out of control and ended up in a mental asylum. While in the asylum, he was visited by John of Avila who counselled him to control himself and start a hospital, which he did, once again with great energy. John of God was known for his humility and dedication to the sick.

One particular source has an amazing story of John's humility. Here is one quote I found particularly moving:

In the beginning John went begging for money to support these poor, but soon people came to give him alms, food, and supplies because they were so impressed with his charity. Once when a fire broke out in the house, John ran back into the burning building countless times, carrying the sick out on his back. Unemployed men came to the door, and he found them work. When the archbishop called John to his office because people complained that John kept tramps and immoral women in his hospital, he was silenced by John's humility. John fell on his knees, saying, "I know of no bad person in my hospital except myself, who am unworthy to eat the bread of the poor." Another bishop who invited John to supper was so impressed by his humility that he called him John of God.

A recent development in this whole story is a new person who also calls himself John of God located in Brazil. His real name is João Teixeira de Faria. He mixes in a lot of traditional Catholicism with his brand of mysticism, New Ageism, and mediumship. I looked it up on Youtube and there was a video by Oprah where she visits his facility. Some Northern European guy was profiled who had back issues, so he visited this medium calling himself John of God. John made an incision in the man's chest (without anesthetic) while the man remained standing. It caused bleeding and he was then brought to a recovery room. The man felt the procedure had helped him.

I think it's best to keep our prayers with the traditional John of God. He is the patron saint of heart problems and diseases. Please feel free to share your stories or place your prayer intentions for a family member or friend who may have heart issues. This may be a brother, sister, mother, father, wife, husband, son, or daughter. Perhaps it's a coworker.

Ask St. John of God for his intercession. This doesn't mean the saint has magical powers on his own. Rather St. John will join his prayers with your own toward God.

Here is a prayer you can recite toward John of God (originally found here):
Saint John of God, I honor thee as the Patron of the Sick, especially of those who are afflicted by heart disease. I choose thee to be my patron and protector in my present illness. To thee I entrust my soul, my body, all my spiritual and temporal interests, as well as those of the sick throughout the world. To thee I consecrate my mind, that in all things it may be enlightened by faith above all in accepting my cross as a blessing from God; my heart, that thou doth keep it pure and fill it with the love for Jesus and Mary that burned in thy heart; my will, that like thine, it may always be one with the Will of God. 
Good Saint John, I honor thee as the model of penitents, for thou didst receive the grace to give up a sinful life and to atone for thy sins by untiring labors in behalf of the poor and sick. Obtain for me the grace from God to be truly sorry for my sins, to make atonement for them and never again offend God. Aid me in mastering my evil inclinations and temptations, and in avoiding all occasions of sin. Through thine intercession may I obtain the grace from Jesus and Mary to fulfill faithfully all the duties of my state of life and to practice those virtues which are needful for my salvation. Help me to belong to God and Our Lady in life and in death through perfect love. May my life, like thine, be spent in the untiring service of God and my neighbor. 
Since Holy Mother Church also invokes thee in her prayers for the dying, I beg thee to be with me in my last hour and pray for me. As thou didst die kneeling before a crucifix, may I find strength, consolation and salvation in the Cross of my Redeemer, and through His tender mercy and the prayers of Our Lady, and through thine intercession, attain to eternal life. Amen.

Peace be with you, friends.


  1. St John of God, please pray for dear baby Clara Ray Morton, that she be completely healed.

  2. Please pray for my Suzi. Her heart is at 15% ejection rate. Prayers for a full and complete recovery. Amen.

  3. St. John of God, please pray for my father who is very ill in the hospital with heart failure.

  4. Dear Saint John of God....please pray for my Lily. May her hole in her heart close without having to go through heart surgery. If she has to go through such a surgery help her to survive as she is a soldier of God like you.

  5. Dear Saint John of God, please pray for healing from a pericardial effusion and to prevent further surgery. Please also pray to help with recent increase in blood pressure. Give strength to endure these tough times.

  6. Dear Saint John of God, please pray for baby Elliot who is only 12 days old and is facing heart surgery on Monday. Please also for pray for the heart surgeons, nurses, and medical staff caring for Elliot during this difficult time. Prayers for a successful surgeon, speedy recovery, and his parents as them face this troublesome time.

    1. Brigitte, I will pray for your sweet Elliot. My 7 month old went into open heart surgery March 14. 4 days later he came home and we have rejoiced that he is with us and has a new lease on life. I know the fear you have. I pray that his surgery went well and that you, too, have the relief you need. -From one heart mom to another ❤

  7. Daughter with faith3:05 am, May 06, 2017

    Dear St. John of God pls pray for my mom GLee for she is in the hospital with pneumonia, bronchitis and some serious underlying heart conditions. Give her strength. Help her 2 have her faith and 2 not fear. Keep her heart rate normal and bp normal And oxygen normal. Renew her heart so there is no damage. And. Clear her lungs and bronchioles. Allow her 2 breath freely. I pray she is given a chance for new beginning. Which will give her courage 2 remain smoke free. As we walk out hospital door with new beginnings and our many blessings, may she give honor and glory 2God while helping others who r ill or in need of Gods grace also. I thank you and God Bless����

  8. Dear Saint John of God, I beg you please intercede on behalf of my Father and heal my Fathers heart so it beats normally agian and he goes on to lead a full life. Please restore his normal heart beat. I beg you! Heal him well

  9. Dear Saint John of God Please help my brother in law Eduardo Del Remedios to recover from his heart enlargement he is very weak and in bad condition pls heal him in jesus name Amen.

  10. Please pray for William Schwiebert to heal his heart and to give strength with in the family.

  11. Please pray for Frank that his heart is healed and that Matt's heart is syrong

  12. Please bring a new, healthy heart to Maggie and help her not reject it...but go on to be strong and share her radiant Love with everyone she encounters.