Tuesday, May 24, 2016

CBC pushing agendas

Here's the deal: CBC needs to go. They've become nothing but a progressivist mouth piece. When they're not mocking or bashing Christians, and praising Muslims, they are promoting their agendas of gender-destruction and the advancement of the culture of death.

Then they get people like Neil MacDonald to do journalism-free hit pieces. Recently he wrote a real winner which ostensibly was about criticizing Trump, but went on to endlessly and pointlessly bash anyone he felt belong to the "right wing", you know that catch-all phrase for anything lefties don't like. I mean seriously, what does Trump have to do with young earth creationists? You better ask MacDonald.

So why should Canadians be forced to pay for this shoddy, extremely biased drivel? I, unlike leftists, am in favour of free speech, so by all means keep up your online, radio, and television presence but don't force everyone else to pay for it under the false pretense that it is somehow objective or necessary for Canadians. In fact, it is a cesspool of journalism's worst.

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