Sunday, October 01, 2017

A terrorist attack in Edmonton

Canada's leader Justin Trudeau is truly pathetic. After first flooding Canada with unvetted migrants from Islamic terrorist hotbeds, we had a terrorist attack in Edmonton, Alberta. It's truly horrendous. But what does Trudeau and his ilk do? Do they try to protect Canadian citizens? No, of course not.

Instead, they are giving money to Islamic centres for security! Seriously. After the increased threat from Islamic terrorism to citizens of Canada, the Canadian government sent out funding to Islamic centres and mosques to "increase security"!

Even my home city's small mosque received almost $50,000 for "increased security". REALLY? We are living in a truly upside-down world! Muslims commit terrorism, and THEY get extra money for security?? I imagine after this terrorist attack in Edmonton, the same thing will happen. Muslims will get more money for security.

I don't really know why these politicians are so committed to their crazy theory. Islamic terrorist attacks are happening all over the world, in every country. The more Muslims, the more attacks. It's happening all across Europe, it's happening in the US and Canada, it's happening in India, and it's happening all across Asia. We need to wake up!

In the past, we had to call Crusades to push back the Islamic invasion, Muslims trying to take over Europe. But now we are not only not pushing them back, we are welcoming them in. Do we really hate ourselves that much? This isn't about racism, it's about an ideology that hates us and everything we stand for.

At what point will these crazy politicians get real? What would have to happen for them to wake up? Maybe there is no hope for them. That's my current theory. The worse the terrorist attack, the more crazy they become. Ever since George W. Bush called Islam a religion of peace, libtards have been outdoing themselves trying to compliment this religion.

But let's face it. Islam has nothing to do with peace. It has everything to do with domination. The only time they would advocate peace is if it somehow benefited Islam. Everything is done for the spread of Islam. The end justifies the means in their twisted philosophy. At best it is a human religion, it is not a divine religion. It teaches that if you kill and destroy in the name of their religion, you will be rewarded with sexual gratification, gluttony, and a whole host of other sins of the flesh. Their founder was a horrible human being.

We know our leaders will never protect us, we have to protect ourselves. But the light of humanity shines in everybody's heart. Therefore, we must maintain hope for Muslims, pray for them, pray they leave their religion and find the true religion of Christianity.


  1. So, in light of the tragic events in Las Vegas and quantifiable evidence like this:, any interest in not stereotyping an entire religious group?

  2. What religious group was he associated with? How many terrorist attacks have they perpetrated? What percentage of the population do they comprise?

  3. Phil, I’m guessing that despite your obvious ignorance you are aware of all the violence perpetrated around the world through much of human history by Catholics. Yet I would not condemn any supporter of Catholicism as being responsible for the violence of other bad people. Phil says, “Islam has nothing to do with peace. It has everything to do with domination.” I can guarantee with 100% certitude that this fool has not taken time to read and understand their beliefs and customs, nor has he made any effort to personally get to know a devout Muslim. He simply absorbs right-wing talking points that help perpetuate fear in the minds of weak, frightened people.

  4. Most terrorist attacks in the past century have been carried out by atheists. Just recently, another typical atheist went out and killed a bunch of Muslims in New Zealand. In response, every atheist with a social media account has been mocking the victims' families, Muslims, and Theists in general, telling them that they're "retarded" for praying and actually going out of their way to support, help, and show love to those who are grieving right now. They're even celebrating the attack, saying that Muslims and Theists in general deserve to die. That is disgusting beyond words! All atheists are mentally ill, violent, deranged, narcissistic sociopaths! Fuck all of them! I hope a bunch of atheists get shot up in retaliation! That would be natural selection at its finest! Those worthless cunts would be doing the world a favor by dropping dead! They never do anything, they never solve any problems, and they're so fucking stupid that they don't even know the meaning of the word science. On top of that, all they ever do is bully, harass, and abuse everyone who's too smart to be an atheist. They're the ones who should've been killed! Sick, immoral, fucking piles of subhuman shit! We'd all be much better off without them!

    1. I can't stand atheists either (what person CAN?!) but come on! No one deserves to be killed! Atheists deserve a kicked in the teeth at the most. But killed? No.

    2. Prayer is useful and it works. Atheists are useless and they don't do anything to help anyone. Thoughts and prayers matter. Atheists don't. Just ignore them. Their time will come.