Friday, April 10, 2009

Ask and it is Given

Please allow me to apologize for not posting here in a couple of days. Here is my next post. Please tell someone about me! :)

There is so much truth to everything spoken by Christ in the Gospels. Sometimes we do not even realize how true it is, and like an onion, what appears on one level can be looked at more deeply to reveal even deeper truths. One of these is being revealed to me over the past several weeks and months. The lesson is "ask and it is given". This is truer than you may first believe.

I have some friends, and a few are very close to me. My girlfriend is my best friend. The other day for the Chrism Mass on Tuesday, I invited my friend to come with me. He is not Catholic and had never been to a Catholic Mass. He didn't attend church services with his family either. But I decided to invite him anyway. To my surprise, he came! Also, I invited my Muslim friend, and again to my surprise, she came as well. They both came along with my girlfriend. This was truly a great blessing. I asked, and they came. It was given.

Many times we do not realize the power of this. We shy away from asking people questions for fear of the answer, but if you never ask, you will not be able to get a positive answer either. I decided to try this again with another friend. He recently went through a rough time and broke his marriage engagement because of something his fiancee had done. He was hurting and wanted to meet some friends. So last night I met with him, along with some other friends. Today, I called him and asked if he'd like to go to Good Friday service. He said he would not be ready in time, so I asked about the Stations of the Cross tonight at 7. He said if he did not have a meeting he would go.

In none of these cases was it obvious that they would go with me. I, in fact, would have assumed each time that they would reject the idea. I would have placed my money on that bet, but I would have lost every time.

Get out there and as John Paul II said, "Be not afraid"!

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