Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The "law of attraction" is incompatible with Catholic thinking

The law of attraction has become pretty famous these past several years and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. In fact, it seems to be picking up strength. But be warned: the "law" of attraction is completely incompatible with Christian belief.

When you think about it, it's nothing new. People taking ideas from Christianity, twisting them around and then promoting their heterodox belief. It's called a heresy. If you want to know just how bad the problem is, walk into a bookstore and go to the spirituality or self-help sections. People know Christianity is the truth, and that's why they try to twist it around. They think people already know and love Christianity, so why not take advantage of this popularity to promote their views. Often these views are completely incompatible with Christian or Catholic belief, and sometimes they are the opposite and are actually satanic.

One author who has tried to piggyback on the legitimate success of the Christian faith is Deepak Chopra. He's an Indian author whose philosophy is very eastern and close to Hinduism. But his book is named the Third Christ. Obviously there is only one Christ, but Deepak wants you to believe otherwise. Did he write a book called The Third Mohammed or the Third Gandhi or the Third Buddha? Of course not. These books would be flops. Instead, he takes the good name of Christ and tries to use it for his own end. People recognize the power of Christ's name. Satan and demons tremble at the name of Christ, our salvation comes from Christ, and we partake in his body and blood in the Eucharist. So Chopra's appeal is tantamount to that of Satan in the Garden of Eden. Satan did not tempt Eve by saying, eat this fruit and you will do something opposed to God, and you will be disobeying him. No, he said eat this fruit and you will become LIKE God. That's exactly what Deepak is promoting. The whole idea behind his book is that we can take advantage of this "Christ energy". Deepak's first order of business is to make people believe Christ doesn't really exist as a person (which of course is historically false). The reason for this is that Deepak is actually just using the name of Christ as a mask for his new age ideas. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing, as Jesus warned us about. Chopra does not want us to believe in Christ's sacrifice on the cross, he wants us to believe in a universal "force". He wants us to believe we can become gods. It's amazing how blatant and obvious these authors are. They are almost using Satan as their role model. Our proper disposition toward Christ is to worship him, and recognize that we are sinners in need of his sacrifice. No great saint who has ever lived believed he was God. He recognized his limited abilities and his total dependence on Christ for life.

The "law of attraction" spreads the same lie. It says we are in control of the universe. It subtly tries to remove God from the picture. It does this one step at a time. First, they tell you believing in God is a good thing. Then they say God is the name we give to the Universe of the essential life force or something else like that, then they say we can control this life force or universe or energy, and eventually they are telling us that we are just like god, and in fact they say we are just as powerful. Do not be deceived by these lies. They are satanic. The Devil himself says the same things, as he did with Adam and Eve. It is the height of pride. Jesus said repent and believe in the good news. He asked his followers to drink from the cup from which he drank, meaning his crucifixion. God in Genesis says you will have no strange gods before him, and that includes making yourself a god. Pride is the biggest of the seven deadly sins. It makes us feel so important, and that we are above everyone else. Make no mistake, the "law of attraction" is pure poison and comes from the Evil One.

A lady I was listening to the other day was saying how evil the "law of attraction" is. She used to be a practitioner of it, and was finally saved from it, thanks to God. She found she was becoming very callous and shallow. Everything revolved around accumulating wealth and other material possessions. Followers of this become less and less concerned about their fellow man. They become emotionless. People who subscribe to the "law of attraction" believe that murder victims caused their slaying, that people get diseases because they "attracted" them, that even children who are raped somehow "attracted" it. They believe that since these people somehow desired these things, they do not need to have any concern or compassion for them.

If you are involved with these things, you must get out now. Seek the True God, and reconcile yourself with Christ. You must fall to your knees and beg forgiveness from your Saviour, then go to confession, followed by Mass. Give yourself to Christ and renew your love for God. He will be waiting for you.


  1. Thank you so much for your insight.

  2. you need to stop reading the bible so much...it sounds like you are so brain washed. the bible teaches people to live in fear ...

    1. wow... I thought only demons despise the bible...

    2. lol this response made me think of that auto insurance commercial, "they can't put anything on the internet that Isn't true." "where'd you hear that?" "The Internet." lol. Likewise I could ask why you thought only "demons" QUESTION the legitimacy of the bible but I'm sure I know the answer to that one.........ha

  3. This article was very insightful and helpful to me, as I am searching for answers about whether LOA is in keeping with Catholicism.

    1. LOA Is LOVE. Religion doesn't harmonize with It, which is why it opposes It!10:10 am, July 22, 2013

      The truth is almost all Interpretations of the bible are incredibly incompatible with LOA. Some Christians believe things like that this world was MEANT to be horrible and so we are here to be TESTED and pushed to the limits of pain! I don't think what Jesus originally had to say was all that in conflict with LOA teachings. LOA goes like this about God---God is ONLY that which is in harmony with love. Is wrath is harmony with love? Nope. Is anger in harmony with love? Nope. Is fear in harmony with love? Actually, it's the opposite of In harmony with love lol. What about peace? Is that In harmony with love? What about feelings of worthiness? Are those in harmony with love? What about joy? Bliss? Ecstasy? GRATITUDE? You can figure It out for yourself can't you? It's a simple rule, if God is that which is love and we know full well that if we can't trust in anything else---we CAN trust In God, In love, In God's love than doesn't it make sense to weigh this out? To weigh beliefs out to see if what those beliefs claim actually harmonize with love? and thus with God who is love?

    2. LOA is LOVE. part210:16 am, July 22, 2013

      So here's the deal; Religion opposes that which may liberate you from pain and suffering here in this world because then you'll have no reason to beg in your misery for desperate help, thus you'd eliminate the need for mind controlling dogma in the world. LOA teaches that God's paradise is here and now, If you choose It. That God gave you your brain, not just for It to sit atop your pretty lil head. You can use your mind to change your life, to tune to the frequency of love!! Can you not see how only a twisted worldview would find a problem with that? Would actually claim there is something evil and against God in that? LOA followers do not live blissfully day by day because they have sold their soul to the devil or something. On the contrary!It is something that can ONLY be achieved by tuning to the frequency of love that God made accessible to all of us!!!That is the freakin 'law'! When you fall out of the frequency of love, you fall out of the blissful place. And doesn't that make sense? Of course It does. To say anything denying how much general common sense that makes Is just stupid. Humans feel most joy when they love. Not when they fear (opposite of love). Let's connect It to scripture for a moment, we've all heard the verse or interpretations of the verse that says you don't get Into heaven by your actions and rather by your faith. Look at how beautifully this aligns with the wavelength of love [which is the only true thing required to follow the law of attraction]: have you ever been stuck in a rutt where nothing seems to being going right and because of this you get frusturated and more desperate and you may turn to sin much more often than you would have ever otherwise in your life??? Well, this verse as interpreted by the LOA is saying that you will not reach the wavelength God intended people to exist through by trying to FORCE yourself to do right. Sometimes It seems as though the more you try to force yourself to be this or that the harder being this or that becomes. Well, the point this verse could have been that---when you do things like meditate or maybe pray [ONLY in gratitude and love not in fear and desperation which would not align with the wavelength of love] you can align with the proper energy to make things RIGHT. To do the right thing. ONLY then! Only when you take time out of your day to have faith! To gain the peace that comes from it, can you THEN be ready to face your challenges. Try and try and try as you might to try and FORCE yourself to do the right thing without having faith and without having peace and then you'll have plenty of stories about how God always seems to be "testing" you because life seems so hard for you lol. When the answers were right in front of you all along, where God designed them. Right in your heart, right in your "emotional guidance system" that we are all privileged to have.

  4. now my doubts are gone, thank you. I hope I can share this to my BFF too. ^_^

  5. Thank you for this article- it confirmed what I was thinking as well however I do believe it is difficult for people to understand that the law of attraction is inconsistent with the Christianity and Catholicism because those who follow law of attraction either have failed to pick up on the subtle twisting of faith in Jesus or are so skilled at the manipulation that it is almost unrecognizable. I think also it starts with things that seem plausible such as deciding to be happy affecting the outcome of your life which is obviously true...a happy person is more likely to be kind and treat others as Jesus would and these groups wait until they have got you on common sense issues before talking about the idea of controlling things, the universe, other people and so on. That is why people get confused because it starts out with something so benign - deciding to be happy, being positive and optimistic, do your best with the gifts you have been given. It is very sad really because of the way it begins it is easy to fall susceptible to lies and fabrication.

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    1. Did you even read this? Did you get that LOA is about getting everything you want without God?

  7. I really find this post most helpful. It cleared all the questions that doubted me. Now, I'm regretful for being fooled by the law of attraction. I have once been an emotionless, shallow person too since I started believing in it. I thank God for not letting me swayed by it completely!

  8. Not True I have so many Books on The Law Of Attraction & I'm Catholic & See nothing wrong w/Using The Law Of Attraction Its only Dangerous If you make it & I do Think The Law Of Attraction is Compatible with Many Religions Including Catholic Its all on How you View it , See it & Use it God even Used it If many Read Between the lines In the Bible .

    Then Again Maybe I'm Different & See Something Different then Everyone .

  9. The law of attraction there is no laws in attraction gust will a free will given to man by the one in heaven ,free will to love to do the things of you or to love to do the things of the one in heaven for all don't be blinded by evil it will never be good, happines is not from things that you have or don't have all things fade ,waist ,die all matirial has a limit of existens the one in heaven is for ever lasting, its your free will the attraction to matirial or free will to attraction to spiritual life can you see spiritul life is for ever and for ever is god he is the way the truth and the lite my life on to you god ,truejoy

  10. You did not understand the essence of the law of attraction. It can be also called "the law of faith". Did you hear about "ask and it is given"? This law does not teach us how to get God's power, but the optimum way to get help from God. And the Bible teach us the same thing, just in other words (and yes, for several reasons, some authors call God "The Universe"). So, the LOA is not incompatible with Chatolic Church or Christianity. In the opposite, it is based on Christian teachings. Excuse my English.

    1. U are very wrong Chris u really have no idea ....this article is brilliant and so true...

    2. Unfortunately this article is not as true as you think. If you use the LOA properly, it can change your life (and atually the relationship with God) in better. If you don't want God to help you, then what do you expect from Him? I am not saying that you should agree with ALL LOA teachers and gurus (I also don't agree with all of them). My point is that people should NOT be discouraged to use this law, but eventually warned to use it properly.

    3. No, the fact is that this blog is more true than you can admit. The problem with LOA is that it centers around getting what you want and focusing on those things. Like so many false beliefs, it picks and chooses which parts of the Bible it wants to accept, but leaves out verses like, "take up your cross and follow me" or the rest of the verse about "you have not because you ask not" - that says that you don't receive because you ask for the wrong reason. I once heard a rich Christian say that wealth, money, power - it is either a tool or an idol. God likes to bless, but wants what we get to be tools for good - not the idols that we focus on or worship. Faith is not about getting what you want - it's about believing what God says. LOA is about taking God out of the picture.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. No, the fact is that this blog is not as true as you think. Since LOA obviously works, it cannot be a false belief. LOA is not about taking God out of the picture. How can I do that if I know that God is The One who helps me? On the contrary, I am grateful. If you don't believe that God helps you, is as bad as not believing in Him.

  11. If you truley understand the LOA, you can not use it negatively without hurting yourself. Feeling in control of your own happiness by being positive is always a good thing. If we all brought out the God within us there would be more peace and kindness in the world. So to the one who thinks LOA is evil, maybe there are negative thoughts within your soul.....judge yourself, you just may learn something!

  12. Absinthe (goddess)7:47 am, March 24, 2013

    So called Christianity was invented to keep people down. The church is so scared of the law of attraction and that those who study/believe/live by it will not take notice of the preachers. I know Jesus loves me more than the majority and yes, I live by the law of attraction. It is the real meaning of reap what you sow, ask and it given, knock and it shall be answered and seek and you will find. No church has ever helped me, in fact those who preach have tried to keep me down. And yes, I am only out for myself - have not you noticed, God gave us the Self to love. You are correct in saying I have no empathy and I truly believe we attract what we think about. So, no negativity for me. God made us to hae a brilliant life with everything we desire - so stop your poisonous lies.

  13. my uncle has starting telling me that Deepack Chopra is the anti-christ, and all new-age way of thinking.

    This past week, I went from being happy, and feeling on top of the world, as if everything was as it should be for me, and that everything was aligning perfectly.... to being sad and depressed or maybe questioning.....

    because for the last 3 years of my life (5 if you include the moment I read the Secret)

    I've been reading

    - Yiyanla Vanzant
    - Louise Hay - heal your body
    - The secret
    - The power of Now
    - the astonishing power of emotions....




    1. Also, I have never been more religious than I am in the past year. I pray all the time. I pray to Jesus and to God. I love them. I know they are everything.

      my uncle says I should read the bible, and stop reading "new-age". Im sorry, but the bible, yes I can read a line here and there, but its hard.

      The other reading I do, is easy and I get it.

      Im smart. The bible is just so complicated. Id rather read someones thoughts on some parts of the bible.

      Wayne Dyer I love.

      If you watch what is on you tube from Deepack Chopra's daughter, and Wayne Dyer's kids.... they are amazing. Their parents accept them as they are, with they qualities, wether they are good in science, sucked at school.

      Their parents believe their kids are pefect as they are.


      I mean, yes, he did affect me with what he said. But in the end, I think I disagree.

      He says that

      Deepack Chopra (and all new-age (Wayne Dyer)
      say that WE ARE GOD.

      Like that god is a little bit in everyone. Everywhere we go, we have god inside of us.

      PSALM 82:6


  14. When I read things like this, I can't help but think that christians are the ones who are actually satanic. They are so brainwashed in their belief that they can no longer think with intelligence. Everything for them outside their bible box is satanic, yet have they ever considered that they are the ones who might be?
    1. The sacrifice of christ
    2. They drink the blood of christ or
    2. partake in the body and blood in the Eucharist.

    This is actually cultist. After a slaughter filthy uncivilized humans would eat a carcass, well it appears right here in christianity symbolically... it's quite the irony really. This religion, is one of 2 religions that cannot tolerate others, guilty of violent conversions in the name of God. Really? Does God say kill my children who are not Christian, or FORCE them to do what they wish not to? Call them satanic if they are trying to be happy and positive. Clearly you are brainwashed and clearly your dependency on fake scripture is like a poison you cannot rid yourself of. Did you even know the bible was written 700 years after the death of the so called christ? It took the vatican some good amount of time to decide what stories to keep and what to toss. The bible does not have the full truth about God. (lost gospels).

    When people become intelligent and question the nonsense, the popes fear and in their need to upkeep their control they are forced to update the bible. Now the old testament is forsaken, yet before the new testament, the old was golden. Funny isn't it that christians cannot think for themselves, nor can they rationalize all this. They are so afraid but so blind to their own sinfulness. The bible taught you to hate non christians, that anything else is satanic, that you will go straight to hell for ever if you disobey... hogwash.

    God loves us all like we love our children. Do we damn our children forever if they make a mistake. Ofcourse not. We love them regardless and we only want the best for them. We want them to learn and develop into good souls who will make us proud. You think God does not want the same for us? We are all Gods children. God is in us and we are in God. He is our eternal father. He would not wish harm upon us... we attract those things to ourselves by our own actions. God is pure, we are not, but He has given us the opportunity to become pure, and that is regardless of how many mistakes we make, or how many lessons we need to learn to get to that point. One lifetime is sure not enough. This is not our first life time either. We come with karma and we go with karma and as we have sewn so shall we reap. Every action has a reaction. Smile and the world will smile with you.. cry and you cry alone. What you choose for yourself you will get, and your actions are definitely recorded. So don't think you are saved because someone made up a story to control you, to win your sympathy that someone died for you now you must do this this and this... Natural Law exists from time immemorial not since 2000 years ago like the young manufactured christianity. God is way above religious doctrines and man made belief systems. Do what you want to do but make sure you don't hurt others... can you christians do that? Can you stop killing and eating animals? I guess not... because your bible didn't tell you that animals have souls and when they are killed they hang around their dead bodies in sadness and confusion, just like humans who have died unnaturally... and what do you do?... you become the graveyard: eat dead bodies and suck dry bones. That is satanism, not the person who tries to bring hope to damaged lost souls. So Wake up, and free yourself from the illusions you are cocooned in. Reality is outside religious doctrines, manufactured sects and politicians. God is way above you and your belief system.
    Pure faiths teach people to see God and see Good in all... but what are you doing? Now who do you think is really the evil serpent here?

  15. Thank you for your blog...I was born into Catholicism (long family history)...but not at "peace" within my faith tradition....I must admit to being one of those who "bought" into the LOA, The Silva Method, Christie Marie Sheldon's "Unlimited Abundance and EFT (Emotion Freedom Techniques) also known as "tapping".....in fact I was taking steps to become a registered therapist who specialized in energy therapies ...I should have listened to my initial discomfort about pursuing these teachings...my background in psychology attracted me to all these new "therapies" and ways of "healing"....I was really happy when I began to learn about these "energy" therapies as it seem to "FIT" and also satisfy God/Jesus/Holy Spirit into my life in a way I found meaningful...
    Until I came across Sharon Lee Giganti on You Tube...Sharon was deep into the "Abraham-Hicks" movement for years...and her eyes where opened after many terrible things began happening to those close to her...go to You Tube and type in the search window "Is the New Age Law of Attraction compatible with Catholicism"....

    I must admit to being devastated that the Catholic Church declares these energy therapies/philosophies are not part of God's TRUTH....and even the brilliant scheme of Satan and the fallen angels/demons to lead us astray...
    The whole Satan and demons thing scares the crap out of me...I don't want to be "opening a porthole" to allow any of these entities access to me any way...

    I am still not "happy" or comfortable with my Catholic faith or the Church/Clergy etc...but I am grateful that I now have the opportunity to really pray about this...and ask for God's help to find my place within the faith and the Church.

  16. I agree 100% with this article. In fact, the law of attraction should really be titled “The Hypothesis of Attraction”. It isn’t a Law. The law of gravity is a law. If you pick up a pencil right now (provided your not in some weird location) and drop it, it will drop 1000 out of 1000 times. Hence a law, hence there is no exceptions to that rule. People complain that law of attraction doesn’t work for them all the time, yet it continues to be called a law. Physics should be very angry. Haha I’ll tell you what it is, the word law is added to some theory by clever and cunning marketers to make the public think that this idea is infallible. The hypothesis of attraction is just that, at best.

  17. The law of attraction there is no laws in attraction gust will a free will given to man by the one in heaven ,free will to love to do the things of you or to love to do the things of the one in heaven for all don't be blinded by evil it will never be good, happines is not from things that you have or don't have all things fade ,waist ,die all matirial has a limit of existens the one in heaven is for ever lasting, its your free will the attraction to matirial or free will to attraction to spiritual life can you see spiritul life is for ever and for ever is god he is the way the truth and the lite my life on to you god ,truejoy la legge di attrazione

  18. This is more make-sense understanding about LoA, from author of Happy Hour is 9 to 5, Alexander Kjerulf:

    I believe that TLoA is sort of real.

    But this is my point: Changing your thinking changes nothing out there, in the vast universe surrounding you. It changes something inside of you. Changing your perception, your focus, your emotions and your thinking from negative to positive (from what you lack to what you want) has an enormous effect on your motivation, energy and creativity and that’s why you will then be more efficient working towards your goals. It’s that simple.

    No electromagnetic waves emanate from your head, magically transforming the universe. No mystical vibrations affect your surroundings. Changing your thinking does not change the quantum states of objects around you in any reliable, useful way. The universe doesn’t stand ready to grant your every wish.

    Rather, you change yourself and THEN you change your circumstances. It works through a combination of entirely non-mystical, psychological and rational mechanisms, including confirmation bias, positive thinking and optimism.

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