Monday, May 04, 2009

Eline - a mockery of the military chaplaincy

Netherlands has unfortunately been the hub of a lot of moral ills. They legalized gay "marriage", legalized drugs, prostitution, etc. Without recognizing problems as such, you lead to their increase. The Netherlands has taken a very immoral route, and it's unfortunate. But do not despair. God is there, like he is everywhere. I lived there for 4 months and met a great group of energetic young people with a passion for Christ. We participated in Mass every week.

However, news has emerged of a seeming contradiction of terms - a military chaplain who does not believe in God. This makes no sense. Chaplains by definition are religious people who give moral support to people, in this case, to military personnel. Now from the Netherlands come a woman who claims to be a chaplain who does not believe in God. How terrible.

Her name is Eline but her last name is not revealed for security reasons. The only thing is related to security is the false sense of security she will give to people seeking to know the One True God. As a philosopher once put it, if God does not exist, nothing matters. What's even more disturbing is that she is called Padre, which actually means "father", and has always implied a priest. She is not a man, and therefore cannot be a priest.

In the Catholic faith, the only person who can legitimately be called a chaplain is a priest, not a lay person, and certainly not a woman.

This whole incident is a total travesty. A priest should be available to Catholics, and fortunately they usually are, and there are priests specifically chosen to serve in the military. But this should be available to everyone. In a time of war and battle, one needs true peace and love, not a false love which denies God and Christ's priests. What will she tell men and women who are on the frontlines starring death in the face? She cannot tell them to repent and believe in the Good News, or to seek forgiveness for their sins before the end. She can only tell them they had a good run at life but now it's over. There is absolutely no hope. I pray that she revokes her position and does something else, but if she persists, I pray specifically for those unfortunate men and women, who in their most desperate times will not hear the loving words of Christ spoken by a man who is in the person of Christ (persona Christi), but rather that of one who can only add more fear, desperate and sadness to an already terrible situation. May God touch their souls.


  1. Yes, I did. Thanks for asking.

    1. Eline humanist chaplain1:49 pm, April 04, 2018

      Hello Philip, I now, almost 10 years later read your, not very intelligent article. You obviously don't understand the great value of non religious chaplaincy.. As if there are no questions or answers without religion.. How poor. No one has ever called me padre.. That would be stupid and wrong. But a chaplain I am.. For sure.