Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Europe cares more about sea creatures than children

The European Union has once again shown how contrary to good morality it truly is. The ban is likely to start before the 2010 hunting season. This decision is very misguided and contrary to a proper understanding of our place in the world, but I am not surprised the European Union would enact such a law. In the entire world, there are few organizations which are such a major threat to good morals as the European Union.

Although it tried to ban foreign aid to Nigeria because it would not support gay "marriage", and is a vehement supporter of abortion on demand, the European Union feels it is unjust and immoral to hunt seals. That's right, seals. It's totally ok to violently rip an unborn baby from its mothers womb limb by limb in a gruesome procedure, but it's an affront to morals and decency to hunt prey animals for food and clothing. The culture of death is like a king who has dominance over the EU, and the EU is doing everything in its power to make him happy. There is no issue too immoral for the EU to promote, whether it be destroying embryos, killing babies and elderly people, forcing abortions and sterilizations, demanding that all countries support homosexual marriage, shunning the Christian faith on which it was founded, and the list goes on.

If there was a group that said it hated humanity and wanted to destroy it, people would be shocked. But ask yourself: what policies would this group support to further its cause? It would kill children and the elderly, "the ones people don't want", it would promote contraception vigorously, it would support countries that performed forced abortions and sterilizations, it would diminish or destroy the definition of marriage so that fewer children would be born, it would promote divorce to destroy already existing marriages, it would encourage people to wait until an old age to have children so that fewer would be born, it would continuously tell people that the world is over populated and that it is irresponsible to have more kids, it would reject good morals and Christianity, it would portray those who support life as terrorists (pro-life groups are their competition), etc. Come to think of it, I've just described the European Union.


  1. Is our morality track record so far superior in the United States? Just today, news broke about a popular Catholic priest in Miami being photographed in very compromising photos with a female companion on the beach. Can we as a nation afford to "throw the first stone" when we too struggle to follow Jesus' example?

  2. Great question DrDeb. It may surprise you to learn that I am in fact not in America, but rather I'm in Canada. I feel the United States has had challenges, but there is a lot of faith there. In Canada, abortion isn't even an issue and all major parties have accepted it, even the "Conservatives". However, in the US, the topic of abortion still comes up. There have been many dismal failures morally in the United States, just like in all places in the world.

    Canada has taken its lead many times from the European Union and has at times outpaced it in terms of immoral laws.

    This is not a we're better than you posting. Rather, this posting is meant to put the moral ills of the world to the fore. We ought to speak out against immorality wherever it appears. This is not a case of casting the first stone. One of the seven spiritual works of mercy is to admonish the sinner. We do not do this with pride.

    We must be brave to face the challenges posed to us by the culture of death.

    Thank you for your comments.

  3. I just want to also make clear that I believe every country has believers, and European countries surely are no exception, as well as Canada.