Monday, September 07, 2009

It seems this is what some people are looking for these days


  1. It's called a joke.

    "A joke is a short story or ironic depiction of a situation communicated with the intent of being humorous. These jokes will normally have a punchline that will end the sentence to make it humorous. A joke can also be a single phrase or statement that employs sarcasm."

    You can learn about what a joke is here:

  2. Thanks for clearing that up! I realize it is a joke, but it is funny because there is a thread of truth to it. I've heard many people make comments, although obviously not as extreme as the ones in this video, concerning the fact that they want their place of worship to basically bend to their desires. We must go out of our way to worship God, not sit back and wait for God to present an ideal solution to fit our lives perfectly.

  3. If God is all knowing, all hearing, and all the other stuff God enthusiasts love to go on about then why must believers go out of their way to worship?

    People like to go out of their way to worship because it makes them feel special, makes them feel like they're doing something of value.

    The ironic thing is, places of worship are going to have to start bending to the desires (some already have) of people who go to these churches, with numbers of church goers dwindling churches really have no other choice.

  4. We do not worship God for his sake, but rather for our own. He does not require our worship, but if we truly love God, then this is an of love toward God. It is to our benefit to worship God.

    The true irony is that the churches with an anything-goes mentality are not the ones that are growing. People are seeking truth, and the diocese and churches and religious orders that are growing the most are the ones that present this truth. They present the truth about God, and about suffering. Jesus sacrificed his life for our sake, we must also make sacrifices.

    There are many strong, faithful Anglicans in the world, but after that church started accepting things no other church ever had, such as gay marriage, contraception, female priests, the numbers of congregants started to decline. Now there is a mass exodus of Anglicans joining Catholic Churches.

    In 1970, there were around 419,000 Catholic priests in the world. If you were to listen to the media and certain others, you would think the number of priests now was around 100,000, but in fact, the number is now around 408,000 and there is a growing number of seminarians. There is a major growth happening in the Church.

    People are yearning for the true teaching of the Church when it comes to sacrifice, moritifaction, prayer, the Mass, and other sacraments. They want to know God more closely.

  5. I read everything you said, and I know where you're coming from. But I have one question.

    Why is the grow non-believers out pacing the growth of any other religion?

  6. I do not know why people are turning away from God. I believe there is much hope, though, and that there is a renewal happening now.