Friday, September 11, 2009

Peaceful Pro-Life Activist Murdered

You may not hear this if you listen only to the main stream media, but a peaceful pro-life demonstrator has been killed in Owosso, Michigan. He was one of two people killed in an incident which happened today at around 7:30am local time.

Unlike when "Dr." Tiller, who performed hundreds of abortions, was killed, the media will probably not make this look like an attack from the other side. In other words, this will not be seen as violence from the pro-abortion side, but rather a random act of violence. That is, if they even report this at all.

I already checked on the websites of ABC, CNN, and CBC to see if they had reported on this, and none of them have so far. But I wouldn't hold my breath.

More information below:

Slain Pro-Life Advocate Jim Pouillon Known as the Peaceful Abortion Sign Guy

Let's pray for these men, including the shooter, and their families.

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  1. I'm sure Fox News will talk about it. They are usually very right-wing. AKA, Pro-Life, Republican, Against Gay Marriage and ect. And I'm sure they will pin it on Pro-Choice, but meh.

    Sucks to see, from what I'm seeing from your link, a peaceful Pro-Life advocate killed. Now we get more "bomb abortion clinics" Pro-Life advocates.