Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Atheistic source of the Invention of Lying not hard to find

I did a little research to find out why The Invention of Lying contained such a blatant atheistic perspective. The reason became quite apparent when looking into the beliefs of those involved with the movie.

First, the main character is played by Ricky Gervais. Gervais is an atheist and belongs to atheist organizations. Not surprisingly, he is also an animal rights activist (many atheists take on this cause).

Secondly, a major role is played by Louis CK, infamous for his vitriolic and extremely offensive portrayals of the Catholic Church and religion in general. He made a video for youtube which is downright nauseating, where he claims the Catholic Church was set up for one goal - to rape boys.

I could not find specific information regarding the religion of others involved with the film, besides the religion into which they were born. As usual with other anti-religious movie, this one is doing poorly. It premiered in 4th place and has only made around $7 million in the box office so far. I'm not sure how big the budget was for this movie, so I can't say if they will lose money.

Let's hope that at least if moral reasons do not stop theatres from releasing anti-religion films, financial reasons will.


  1. Well think about it, you can't have religion in a world without lying. To have religion in that movie would be totally inaccurate, regardless of the actors/producers/etc religious views.

    Religion and lying go hand in hand.

  2. You don't have to do research, it's obvious that the film carries a message about the fact that religion is man made, and has been invented to control people and their sexuality.

    The truth hurts, even if presented in a humorous form.

  3. That being said, I see the movie like a parable told from an atheist's perspective as opposed to being blatantly anti-religious. It's supposed to make you think and question things.

  4. "Let's hope that at least if moral reasons do not stop theatres from releasing anti-religion films, financial reasons will."

    This comment shows the lack of intelligence you posses. Do you know what intolerance means? Why is it ok for religious people to preach their beliefs, but atheists cannot? If you don’t like atheist movies, don’t watch them. The fact that this movie hasn’t performed very well is not because it’s portrays a different view; it’s because it wasn’t written well. The idea is brilliant, but executed poorly.

    Yes, I’m an atheist and I have morals and tolerance, yet it appears many religious people lack morals and acceptance. Unfortunately you cannot control what others believe. Atheists are growing in numbers; accept that fact, we are ALL entitled to our beliefs.

    Atheist Chick :)

  5. If you religious folk are so secure in your ways, why does a simple film cause your feathers to be ruffled so much? For the majority of religious people, their faith was handed down to them through their parents and their parents before them. For this reason, they have never had to question their beliefs, as they have already been handed a convenient answer to life's hardest questions. As for me, I would much rather pursue an individual journey for the answers to the questions of our existence. I am currently studying to become a doctor and I have learned a great deal about scientific explanations of how we got here (we can pretty much show through science that we were made by random chance without the aid of a god). The thing that makes me sick is how quickly people attack anything that goes against their beliefs, as if there is no way that they could possibly be wrong. Believe it or not, the church has been wrong before. They have had to revise their beliefs in the past, which was only possible if they questioned them in the first place. What if I told you to question the existence of god in the first place? Would you be willing to even consider the possibility that there is no god? If you are unwilling to consider this possibility, then you are simply accepting that you will remain ignorant for the rest of your life. Is that how you want to live?

  6. Phil, Ha ha, what a crack up, I love the way religious folk who are so sure of themselves get all bent out of shape when presented with the facts. I suppose you still believe in Santa and the tooth fairy? You'd have to believe in these two to be able to believe in any religion.