Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ban on Crucifixes overruled: but what would be next?

A couple of months ago, there was news about a woman whose daughter was in an Italian school. The woman complained because there were crucifixes in the class, and eventually she brought her case to the European court. This court ruled that these crucifixes should be removed because it could offend a non-Christian. It is important to remember that all classrooms have these in Italy, plus all courtrooms. They have a cultural heritage of 2,000 years.

A great decision was made by the Italian court, which basically says that if a European Union law contradicts an Italian law, the EU law will be invalid. So the crucifixes will stay.

But if we believe that a cross and/or crucifix has the potential to "offend" somebody and that it cannot be displayed in public, then we will have encountered an enormous problem. In Europe and around the world, MANY countries contain a cross. What if someone claimed to be offended by the cross depicted on a flag? Would the country be forced to change it?

Just to give you an idea, the following is a list of countries which depict a cross (thanks Wikipedia):

  • Australia - the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
  • Denmark - a Scandinavian cross
  • Dominican Republic - a centered white cross that extends to the edges and divides the flag into four rectangles
  • England - the St George's Cross
  • Fiji - the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
  • Finland - a Scandinavian cross
  • Georgia (country) - the "five-cross flag"; the central element of the flag is St. George's Cross (used also in the national flag of England); there is one smaller cross within each of the four quadrants
  • Greece - a cross in the upper hoist corner
  • Iceland - a Scandinavian cross
  • Jamaica - a Saint Andrew's Cross
  • Malta - a George Cross in the upper hoist corner (in the canton of the white stripe)
  • Moldova - in the coat of arms appearing in the center stripe, a stylized eagle is holding a cross in its beak
  • Montenegro - two crosses appear in the two crowns depicted in the coat of arms contained in the flag
  • New Zealand - the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
  • Norway - a Scandinavian cross
  • Portugal - Compound cross of five quinas, each one charged with five saltire-arranged bezants
  • San Marino - a cross appears in the crown depicted in the coat of arms contained in the flag
  • Scotland - the Saint Andrew's Cross
  • Serbia - cross in crown and cross in inescutcheon, both in coat of arms appearing in flag
  • Slovakia - double cross on top of mountain, appearing in coat of arms contained in flag
  • Spain - one cross in each of three crowns, as well as a cross in the fourth quarter of the shield (for Navarre), all appearing in embedded coat of arms
  • Sweden - a Scandinavian cross
  • Switzerland - a bold, equilateral white cross in the center of the flag
  • Tonga - a red cross appearing as a canton of a red ensign
  • Tuvalu - the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter
  • United Kingdom - the three crosses of the Union Flag: St. George's Cross, St. Andrews Cross, and the Irish saltire
  • Vatican City - a cross on the top of the papal tiara in the coat of arms of the right side of the flag
  • Pitcairn Islands - Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter

This is why I say it's such a great thing that the Vatican is not a member of the EU or UN.


  1. Well what do you think. We elect the people who are running the EU and the people who are running each country. Those people - all of them so far - are dancing like everything is a Utopia on Earth.

    All the while those people we elected [who are super liberal] allow millions upon millions of Non-European/Non-Christian people to move into Europe each and every year.

    The majority of those 'immigrants' are from North Africa and the Middle east and are fervently Islamic. And at the current rate of [government sponsored] immigration they will make up 20% of Europes population by 2030 [from 1% in 1940]...So what do you think ?

    What does it matter if those countries lose, or keep the Cross's on thier national flags if the majority population in those countries end up being Muslim - Since our elected leaders insist we import millions of cheap labour each year.

    Really, it doesnt matter. The Cross in schools issue and on the Flags all come down to Cause and effect. The Cause is unrestricted migration into European Christian countries - France for example, was 97% Christian/Catholic in 1940, the other 3% being Jewish and Protestant. Now its 68% Catholic and 30% Muslim due to Mulsim immigration since the 1950s. Before that? France was 97% Christan since the end of the Roman Empire [1000+ years]...

    Hard issues require hard answers, and while being 'anti-immigrant' is seen as a awful thing in Europe since the people who want immigration also control the media and the media makes us look awful if we disagree with it...Immigration is truely the root cause of the growing anti-catholic/christan change that is sweeping the continent.

    And if things dont change, it will only get worse as time goes on as the Christan/native population percentage shrinks and the Muslim one grows. Im sure the Muslims, when they attain a majority in a European country would laugh if asked to vote yes on keeping a Christian cross on 'thier' flag.

    Instead, im sure, they would want a Crescent of Islam on there, just like the flags of nearly Islamic country.

  2. Good Morning Anonymous
    Sorry, but you are mistaken on a point or two. We do not get to elect the people who run the EU. Actually, we didn't get to elect our Prime Minister either!

    Anyway, I hope you and all your loved ones have a very Happy Christmas and blessings galore in 2010. I have enjoyed your comments in the past and I look forward to the same in the coming year.

    To Phil, I say the same. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to those to come. Also, a very Happy Christmas to you and yours and many blessings in 2010.

  3. child molesters offend me!!!!!