Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Changing the definition of "Spouse"

The Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly is in the process of "updating" official laws which define spouse as someone of the opposite sex. This is largely administrative at this point, but marks a disturbing situation in our province and country.

The Bill for this Amendment officially declares:

This Bill would amend various of the province's Acts and regulations to reflect recent developments in the law respecting spouses. The principal thrust of the amendments is to change the language of provisions that currently, either explicitly or implicitly, assume that spouses must be members of the opposite sex.

Any time where there is mention of husband and wife, or the father and mother, male and female, man and woman, will be replaced with generic terms like spouses or couple or two parental units. It's ludacris to think we can change an institution by simply applying new language. There is no "romance" to these changes. A man loves his wife, not a spouse loves the other spouse. It sounds like a business contract.

I believe Canada has traveled down a terrible road. I hesitate to use a slippery slope argument, but I believe the more we treat marriage as a contractual partnership of two persons, you start to lose the real meaning of marriage. It is no longer about complementary love, but more about two people signing a piece of paper to share societal benefits. Once civil marriage becomes nothing more than a legal contract of two entities joining together for some economic reason, it won't be long before other "unions" will be accepted.

Today represents a sad day in legal history.


  1. You're right! Because we all know homosexuals can't feel love!

    What do you expect them to put "a husband and a wife, or a wife and a wife, or a husband and a husband" every time? Who cares if there's no "romance" (what do you even mean by that?) to the changes. These are changes that need to be made, so homosexuals will finally be able to get the rights that they deserve.

    No one cares what you believe, Phil. Ask almost anyone walking on the street in downtown St. John's how they feel about this and I promise you 90% of people will say they couldn't care less.

    We're not all terrible and intolerant bigots like you. You really need to learn some respect for your fellow man, regardless of their sexual preference. Take a lesson from that bible of yours you love so much.

    You're the one calling marriage a "contractual partnership", which it is not regardless of the gender of the people getting married. And your statement claiming "It is no longer about complementary love" makes me so angry, you're pretty much implying homosexuals can't love each other. What is even going on in your head to think that for a second?

    Sometimes I read your posts and they upset me, sometimes I read your posts and they make me laugh. But now they're just starting to get depressing. I can't imagine what a poor life you must lead with a thought process like yours. I feel bad for you, Phil. I hope some day you're able to grow up and learn to respect others.