Friday, February 19, 2010

Co-worker's anti-catholicism

At my workplace, I sit across from a man who spews his anti-Catholic rhetoric on a regular basis. He generally speaks to another anti-Catholic individual, but his conversation partner could be any number of co-workers, all of whom agree with him either implicitly or explicitly. I have yet to hear someone criticizing his viewpoint. I believe this is less the fact that they agree with him and more so the fact that they want to be "politically correct". In today's age, political correctness means agreeing with anti-Christian bigots, but not tolerating any form of religious observance.

The man identifies himself as a former Catholic so most of his venom is targeted in that direction. Of course, he beats the same dead horses, such as the clergy sex abuse scandal. But he also seems to have gone very deep in atheist teachings, and mocks the Eucharist, belief in God (especially the God of the Bible), Jesus, Mary, etc.

He doesn't simply disagree with these topics, he mocks them, laughs at them, and presents them in a very vulgar and distasteful way.

As an example, he was speaking to a co-worker about someone's wedding. Apparently a friend or family member of his called him about the wedding and said it will be at a Catholic Church. On the phone, he mocked the ceremony, including the format and the use of wine and unleaven bread. Later, when speaking to a co-worker and mocking Catholic marriage preparation. He claims the marriage prep course said a man cannot touch a woman in a sexual way and the only "acceptable" action is direct intercourse for the purpose of procreation.

After laughing about this thoroughly, he added: "you can tell this stuff was made up by guys who don't have sex" ... "well, except for with altar boys". To which the guy he was speaking with responded: "Yeh, they had that system down to a T!"

This is considered acceptable. In fact, someone would appear "odd" if they openly disagreed with the comments made.

The only conversation topic which this man prefers is that of fast food. He has at least one very in depth conversation per day on the topic of fast food. The topics get rather specific. Such as his favorite type of cheese on a pizza, how long he likes to microwave leftover fast food, etc.

I'm not attacking him personally. I'm just saying I find his two main conversation topics kind of strange.

I would implore anyone of faith to speak to these individuals when they have a chance. Tell them you disagree with what they are saying. Refrain from laughing. Speak the truth. You will probably be criticized and harrassed, but this is a small price to pay.


  1. "I have yet to hear someone criticizing his viewpoint.", ever think it's because he's the one with the message which makes more sense?

    Anyway, he sounds like a cool guy. How may I get in contact with him?

  2. "he beats the same dead horses, such as the clergy sex abuse scandal"

    It's not a dead horse if the raping of children is still going on today, which it is. You act like it isn't even a problem anymore. You even act as if it was never an issue.

    They sure do have the near systematic raping of innocent young boys down to a T. They rape boys at one parish for X number of years, move to a new parish, rape boys at the new parish for X number of years, and so on and so forth. Hardly any of them ever see any real consequences for the lives they ruin.

    You have to be a sick or delusional individual to even support an organization in which this is allowed to happen on a regular basis.

  3. I have the same problem at my work place. There is almost a demonic obsession among with doing down the Catholic Church. As an aside, in Holland, I was assisting a manager in an interview. After some really bad candidates we finally found someone who seemed to be technically competent and sociable. After the interview I suggested to the manager that perhaps we had found the right person, but he shook his head and pointed to a line in the Hobbies section, which involved helping faith based charities. "we dont want any damm christians here", and so we picked someone who was far less satisfactory. At the time I was agnostic, but even then the anti-christian bias shocked me. This is of course discrimination. Christ said we would all suffer persecution for beleiving in him. Unfortunately I'm still a coward.

  4. That is very terrible discrimination. You may feel like a coward sometimes, but so do I. I think a lot of people are in the same boat as we are. Those who are anti-catholic are not being brave. They are simply making comments which they know society will not condemn. People see the Church as a yardstick for all moral behavior and they choose to attack her when it conflicts with their chosen lifestyle.

    It is important to stay informed and to have answers ready for those who ask. I am trying to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that is in me, as St. Peter advocates in the Bible.