Monday, February 08, 2010

Is the Catholic Church a protector of Muslim freedom of worship?

In France, the Catholic Church is speaking out against a ban on full veils for Muslim women. I'm not an expert in Islam, but I believe the correct term for this face covering is the Niqab. Another common piece of clothing is called burqa, which I believe refers to an entire set of clothing worn by Muslim women.

In any event, the Catholic Church in France is against plans to ban these face covering veils. The reason is they feel in order for full rights to be granted to Christians to practice their beliefs in Muslim countries, the opposite must be granted as well.

Right now in Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and several other countries, practice of Christianity and specifically Catholicism is banned completely and anyone caught worshipping is strictly dealt with. In other countries, such as China and some Middle Eastern countries, the practice of Catholicism is seriously curtailed. The Catholic Church is striving for religious freedom in all parts of the world. They do not want any hindrance on their faithful practice. Therefore, they believe religion must be free and thus oppose efforts to curtail this freedom.

Another example of the church's fight for freedom of worship is its stance against banning new minarets in Switzerland. The Swiss people, in a referendum, banned any new development of Islamic minarets in the country. The Church spoke out against this as well.

This is an appropriate and well thought-out move by the church. The Church realizes that with true freedom, Christianity will grow. Also, many Christians now live in oppresive states where they are not free to worship. But it would be ironic to only advocate freedom of religion for Catholics. Therefore, the Church stands up for religious freedom of all people.

The Church is not afraid of the Truth, because the Church proclaims the Truth which is Jesus Christ. Therefore, if there is worldwide freedom of religion, there is bound to be an increase of Catholic faithful, as people seek the truth.

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  1. What every Christian should know about Islam:

  2. I see no problem with a woman being veiled as long as it does not interfere with safety,(including drivers licenses). I work in a prison where everyone is reduced to the common denominator, many inmates adopt islam in order to separate themselves from the other inmates. They are allowed to wear a coufie. Many times those in the United States wish to demonstrate just how muslim they are by an article of dress, such as a hajib for women. They miss the point of conversion and I am afraid they would miss the point of Christianity in so far as it is not an outwards sign of conversion but and inwards sign on conversion which expresses itself outwardly. Even "Madonna" has a Rosary.

    The French Government is between Scylla and Charybdis, in that it has been since the revolution and especially since the mason anti- cleric laws SECULAR. It must see the conflict between religion and law as paramount. To Americans this is seen as an attack against religion, but it must be seen as the French continuing on the same track, secularism. But for the Grace of God Thomas jefferson would have had us going the same way BTW.

    I did not say I agree with the French on this but I understand it. They cannot ignore this and be faithful to the revolution, which would cause them have to admit that the revolution was wrong. (As if they would do that!)

    In the end the Kingdom of Christ will reign and all these questions will become academic.

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