Monday, August 09, 2010

Atheist does something surprising

Today I read an article about a rich atheist Robert Wilson. He gave an enormous financial contribution to the Archdiocese of New York. He gave a whopping $5.6 million! This is a very awesome gift from Mr. Wilson.

He believes the Catholic schools do more good than union-run state schools in the inner-city. He says they do a better job with the 3 Rs - reading, writing and arithmetic.

Robert Wilson has a lot of money. He turned an initial investment of $15,000 into $225 million. He now wants to give away about 70% of it before his death.

At age 84, Mr. Wilson is good friends with the archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan. They sometimes sit down for a meal and conversation. The archbishop applauded this donation. According to Business Week, Wilson is the 23rd largest giver in America.

Of course the archbishop says he is looking forward to the day that Robert WIlson believes in God.


  1. At least he is choosing to do something good with his wealth.

  2. Of course, if the state schools are doing so badly, they could probably do with the money more. At least they would use it to spread the truth...