Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gay agenda trumps freedom of conscience in England

Anyone who's been looking can clearly see that religious freedom is no longer protected unless you support the most radically "progressive" agenda society has to offer.

This is exactly what is happening in Leeds, England. The Catholic Church is being coerced out of the adoption business by a radical gay agenda.

It's really quite simple. The Catholic Church believes the best place for a child to be raised is in a heterosexual household where there is mother and a father. It is believed this is a natural family, with proper complementarity. A child grows and develops best with both a feminine and masculine influence in their life.

However, "progressives" believe this only one of countless possible environments in which a child can grow up health and happy. They ignore our universal cultural wisdom in favour of a radical redefintion of family life. A child can equally be raised in an environment with
- a loving mother and father
- two women and no father
- three men who often have other male "friends" over and no female influence

Of course, sticking two men together and calling it a "good environment for a child to be raised" is no different than placing a chick to be raised by snakes.

However, for the sake of argument, I will go as far as to assume there is no objective difference between any environment for a child to be raised in.

The Catholic Church in England runs a large adoption agency. They happen to believe children should be raised in a heterosexual environment because it is best for children. Even if you consider this to be some crazy belief, what gives anyone the right to force them out of business. The government is forcing the Catholic Church to either adopt to gay couples against every moral fiber in its being or be shut down. EVEN if the Catholic adoption agency agrees to refer gay couples elsewhere, this will not suffice.

It is clear that freedom of conscience and freedom of religion are mere shams. The communists in Russia were more open about destroying opposition, but the political agenda of many is no less determined. The only difference is that the "modern" way of doing this is hiding behind political correctness and making people believe they have some sort of freedom.

How the government can force a good group of people to adopt kids into an environment they deem dangerous is beyond me. And this is not just a British problem. It has happened in Massachusetts as well.

The question is often asked "How does gay marriage affect your (heterosexual) marriage?" Well, this is just one example. This is how gay marriage affects the lives of countless children. Those opposed to gay adoption are targeted and shut down. The thousands of children that were helped no longer can be. It's a travesty of the highest magnitude.

Don't ever be lulled into believing that gay marriage won't affect society. It has and will continue to.


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  2. What is the gay agenda? please make a post on this. I've been reading these posts a long time and not sure what you mean by gay agenda.
    To be equals in society?
    To be able to be married?
    To encourage people to experiment with any fantasies they have?

    If you already have a post, my apologies, but there isn't a tag that i have looked under that contained a post on what is the agenda.