Tuesday, May 10, 2011

George Stroumboulopoulos is WRONG about gay marriage

Tonight, May 10, 2011, for a second night in a row, George Stroumboulopoulos began his eponymous show by promoting gay marriage. He could hardly contain his enthusiasm for Sean Avery`s public service announcement in favour of homosexual marriage.

Well tonight, an NHL players agent Todd Reynolds, vice-president of Uptown Sports, rebuked Avery by saying:

"Very sad to read Sean Avery's misguided support of same-gender 'marriage.' Legal or not, it will always be wrong,"

He tweeted again saying: "To clarify. This is not hatred or bigotry towards gays. It is not intolerance in any way shape or form. I believe we are all equal."

George was furious. He went on a tirade about equality and how Reynolds in fact is a bigot. He said he is fine with freedom of speech but some people are just plain wrong! George wondered aloud where this players agent got his moral code. "The Bible?", asked George. He then went on about how the Church is not in charge of marriage, the legal system is, and who, asks George, is the legal system? Well, we are of course!

First of all, George is absolutely an unequivocally wrong about gay marriage. Secondly, his show is becoming a real drag when every episode he's either promoting gay marriage or bashing religion. He has very little class.

So let's get into it. Kids have a natural right to be raised by their parents. The state believes this right to be so strong that it creates unions which are strong and long-lasting. The main purpose of marriage is for any potential children. It's not because the state is somehow recognizing that two people love each other.

Gay marriage has nothing to do with gay rights or treating gays fairly or equally because the state really doesn't give a darn how anyone feels about anyone else. Two people who don't even love each other are legally allowed to marry.

Nowadays everyone is so concerned about their own personal rights that it must trump any other rights, even those of children. Children are mere accessories to fit people's lifestyles.

Marriage has a definition. People need to stop and think about that. Well, if it has a definition, what is it? My definition is the union of a man and a woman which is inherently procreative.

So, what would the new defintion change to? Perhaps two people who want to get married. Any two people. Well, this would have to include father-daughter marriages if they are consenting adults, or sibling marriages. We have to keep religion and morals out of the equation of course, so no one would be allowed to object to either of these scenarios.

But why limit it to two individuals. Why not polygamy? Maybe 5 people, 10? The sky's the limit. Once morality is gone from the equation, as well as rights of children, as well as any form of basic definition, polygamy is not only possibly legal, it MUST become legal.

So then every type of union would have to be recognized as valid. By doing so, marriage would lose all meaning. The state would have no need to recognize such unions since anything goes. It would be of absolutely no benefit to the state to recognize any and every relationship.

As I said, the state recognizes certain unions are marriages because it is best for the children. Of course, that's far from anyone's mind, especially George Stroumboulopoulos. To them it's all about gay rights. No one ever says it is a matter of children's rights.

Any children in a gay family don't have either a maternal or paternal influence as the case may be. That puts children at risk. If gay marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage then it is equally legitimate for a child to be raised by a parent and a same-sex partner as it is for a child to be raised by his biological parents.

There are other reasons too. Gay marriages are inherently infertile. They can never produce a child. Therefore immoral activities like IVF, embryo destruction, and other such methods must be used satisfy the desires of these couples.

Once again, people are terrible at distinction. Gay marriage proponents would have us believe that gay marriage is somehow about human rights. It isn't. It's about destroying traditional marriage.

It also has other negative effects. For example, EVERYONE is forced to not only allow but accept gay marriage. Dissent is not tolerated. Adoption agencies, run by religious groups, are FORCED to shut down because they will not adopt to gay couples. Therefore thousands of children do not go to good homes. OH WELL. At least the gay agenda is being catered to.

Or how about religious organizations being FORCED to rent out their halls and venues for gay couples and gay marriages, even though it violates their morals.

The list goes on.

Don't be fooled. The issue of gay marriage affects everyone. People are not allowed to even have a differing point of view on the matter. They must conform to a new morality which emerged less than 20 years ago. Those who don't are punished.

George Stroumboulopoulos STOP using your show as a platform to spew your hatred of morality and religious institutions. You advocate freedom, yet you cannot bare to have anyone express an opinion which differs from your own. Imagine if there was a show bashing non-religious people or opposing gay marriage. It would be hauled before the stupidly-named human rights tribunal before someone could pronounce your last name.


  1. You do realize that if Jesus read this, he would feel very sad. You are using HIS name to justify your hate. (Are you really such a bad person?) You sound like a CINO (a Christian in name only). If you follow what Jesus actually says, there is no way you could spew such hateful words. I pray for your soul (because I fear it will be heading in a different direction than you think it is. Unless you repent and disassociate yourself from such anti-Christian diatribes). God Bless.

    1. You meant to say "You do realize that if Jesus were real...."

  2. Jesus affirmed the heterosexual nature of marriage and never once advocated gay "marriage". In Matthew 19, Jesus affirmed marriage between a man and a woman by saying:

    4 He said in reply, "Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female'
    5 and said, 'For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'?
    6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate."

    The male and female complement each other in a marriage.

    There are prohibitions in the Bible against homosexual activity. They are not changed due to the new covenant and Jesus never revokes this teaching.

    Jesus is God and God is love, but love is based on God's standards, not our own, and it does not change with every societal shift.

    There is no evidence to support the view that Jesus would support gay marriage.

    1. If this is how you feel then why don't you go and tell all of your straight church going couples to stop having gay babies!!!
      Instead oh sitting at your house and bitching about the rights of homosexuals, why don't you just go and live your life the way YOU want too and let others live the lives that they want. Why do you care so much about what other people want?
      The world does not revolve around you

    2. Perhaps Jesus was gay as well. So what? If marrige is for procreation, then is marriage between two seniors wrong? If you are really against same sex marriage, then I advise you not to marry anyone of the same sex. Period. Many children have single parent families. And they are doing just fine, as long as women have a) education and b) an income that can support themselves and a child.

  3. Lady your a douche!

  4. Human created Jesus way to think.
    Humans are able to think for themselves. People who speaks with Jesus words are sad person that can't think with their head. With their soul.
    God bless the haters. Because he wants everyone to love each others. Black gay Asian short fat tall slim.

    Women's were slave 1000 ago. Because bible said so. Now women's are equal. Did the bible changed? No, same word. But humans are interpreting it different way. Thanks god.

    1. I can't believe how uninformed you are about things. With all due respect, you should READ the Bible before bashing it. A little history lesson would also be helpful. Women were effectively slaves in every culture around the world since the beginning of humanity. It was Jesus who treated women equally and helped start the move toward equality. This caused a huge stir in His time! The leaders of the day were furious.

  5. Just because Jesus said it, doesn't make it true.

    There are many, many gods, and many, many sons of gods, each as legitimate and each just as real as your Christian god. What makes his word alone so infallible? Open your eyes to your wasted life of faith.
    As a gay man, I will not stand for this treachery against both Humanity, and spirituality. I am no-hold bars against religion. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

    1. I agree. What about the people who do not belong to Christianity and wish to get married? Not everyone follows the same beliefs, and yet we still recognize them as married, because they are, and they don't need a church to approve it.

  6. Hi Ajax

    Off with their heads? Where have I heard that before?Let me think,... Oh yes, I believe it was in the Bible. John the Baptist lost his head. So actually it has already happened. And it continues to happen to this day in many countries around the world. Imagine that... People, who through the strength and grace of God are trying to save people from a very nasty eternity, lose their lives in the process. Sounds much like what Jesus did and commanded his followers to do. Getting back to the "off with their heads" statement, it seems very strange that intolerance is good for the gander but for the goose, not so much.

    Praying for you Ajax.

  7. I like your review of the G.S. show. He is most likely gay himself which is why he vehemently opposes religion and supports gay marriage.
    George is a frustrated guy, like many gays, secretly knowing they are deviates and immoral in their life choices, which comes out as anger and hate towards anything with morals.
    Marriage is by nature biased. Two men cannot create life, just disease.

    1. Awful. Just awful. Shame on you.

    2. To all of you vicious monsters:
      I wish I could say I felt sorry for you, as so many of these people have graciously offered. I wish I could feel anything but disgust. But I do not. I don't feel sorry that your life, in some way or another, through brainwash or misguidance, has turned your soul into poison. YOU are the sinners. YOU are the evils of the world. YOU are the ones who spew hate, pray on the weak, and destroy the innocent. You are the reasons why so many of our brothers and sisters (yes, OUR brothers and sisters. Of the Lord. Or whatever you believe) have been brutally beaten, murdered or bullied to suicide.
      YOU should not be allowed to bring children into the toxic framework of your being.

      Let me also make clear, that this is not a rant against religion, spirituality, or even more specifically christianity. This is just targeted at the moronic idiots who apparently don't understand that the Bible is meant to be interpreted. We as humans must change with the time. Do you believe the world would be better if slavery still existed? It worries me to consider your answer to that question is likely yes.

      The gays are simply your last battle, huh? Hold on to that hatred, guys. I'm sure you'll live a life filled with joy and happiness.

      Oh.... One last thing....

      Go to hell.

    3. and what about the father that rapes his young daughter, and a mother that lets it happen.,is that a great family

  8. George Stroumboulopoulos has a very good point. As Dan Savage has argued here:

    "Marriage was re-defined BY THE HETEROSEXUAL COMMUNITY, and evolved into an equal legal partnership - slash - life partnership many years ago."


    People need to grow up and stop obsessing over old ideas about marriage. The world has evolved over the century and much more change is to come. Open your mind people.

  9. Do you have nothing better to do than to flame on a CBC late night TV personality's opinion on gay marriage?

    Why should you tell him to stop voicing his opinion? Canadians's freedom of expression is listed as one of the fundamental freedom in the Canadian Charter of Rights, just like your freedom of religion.

    And what is with that "Gay Rights violates Children's Rights", if it does, why doesn't the Convention on the Rights of the Child cover it, I don't see a single clause in there that says "a child must be under a family of a female and a male".

    You need to stop bashing people with different opinion and choices than your own. It's people like you that give religious people labels such as "bigots".

  10. The writer of this article is a complete and utter JACKASS. Gay marriage is about civil rights and it IS about equality and it IS RIGHT, because marriage is a union between two people in love. It was written as a man and a woman to ACCOMODATE THE CHURCH. Giving gays the same rights and treating them the same does NOT hurt anyone else, especially children. Gays were children too, gays are just as capable of providing good homes, so pull your head out of your Bible, which may as well be your ass, and start being humane and accepting of love, no matter what form it is.

  11. To this anonymous person who said: "George is a frustrated guy, like many gays, secretly knowing they are deviates and immoral in their life choices, which comes out as anger and hate towards anything with morals.
    Marriage is by nature biased. Two men cannot create life, just disease.". How can you have so much hate inside of you? I think you have nothing in you that is christian. By the way, I really think someone cannot be more frustrated than you actually are. You ever heard about "interiorised homophobia"? You should look more carefully inside yourself. You maybe would be pretty much surprised about what you would find. p.s. Isn't it easy to talk like you do when you stay anonymous. It is also very coward.

    1. Uuuuuummmmm... You're not under the impression that gay people are created by 2the gay people are you? Give things a little thought, you might actually make a bit more sense no?

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuaSQ_6K6Ic

    If a child can understand it, so can any of you adults.

  13. So if my aunt has something wrong with her ovaries where she cannot produce childern she shouldn't be allowed to marry? Your argument has holes punched throughout, by all means you have a right to your opinon about gay marriage, but trying to manipulate facts and by your own account opinions is plain wrong and sickening. What goes on between two adults is not my business nor yours. As an Atheist I can say if I wanted to marry my partner, then I certainly wouldn't do it within the confinds of a church.

  14. All religion is bullshit. I believe in your right to practice bullshit. Just as I believe in a persons right to marry someone of the same sex. If this offends a church, I am also fine with that. That is their right in a free society. If we are truly a free society we cannot keep someone from doing what they feel they should have the right to do. I will stay out of their bedrooms if they stay out of mine. Civil unions cannot be denied to same sex couples (a government based marriage), I again respect the freedom of a bullshit practicing church to reject gay marriage. I wouldn't want to impose my thoughts and ideas on anyone.

    1. thank you!! I actually didn't know there are still people out there who think this way. I am at a loss for words after reading this blog.

  15. Those who are opposed to gay marriage for procreative reasons should be willing to have a fertility test be codified in law then, as a prerequisite for marriage.

  16. I may be late, but to the original poster:

    Are you aware that homosexual unions were tolerated and celebrated within your very church in times past?


    Be proud of your religion now, and for god's sake do some research. I'm an atheist and I know more about that issue than you...

  17. There is a show that bashes non-religious people and gay marriage supporters. It's a live show. It's called CHURCH! You can catch it Sunday's at 11:00!

    .. Idiot. Check your grammar the next time you write an article. It was very painful to read.


    1. Yes Brendon, but "church" as you put it, and in whatever denomination, is NOT paid for by tax payer dollars.

      Churches may have certain tax exemptions BUT Churches survive by what their patrons put in the offering plate. The CBC on the other hand, is and always has been on the public dole. You may agree with GS position and the CBC's oft left leaning stance, and so that to you, is tax dollars well spent. But for now, we still live in a democracy, and those with views different than GS and the tax funded CBC, should be able to expect unbiased and fair content from said tax funded entity.

      Its funny how tolerance and acceptance is this warm and fuzzy thing, as long its about everybody accepting 'your' point of view. As soon as you have to tolerate and accept someone with opposing viewpoints to your own, the warm fuzzys go away, and 'they' become bigots. This happens on both sides of the argument.

      It is completely ridiculous that a government entity funded by ALL Canadians should use its position and power to espouse one viewpoint(represented by only a percentage of the tax paying population) while simultaneously bashing another viewpoint. Democracy requires fair and equal representation for all who are taking part in the game of democracy.

      There is a system of government that endorses the kind of one sided thing the CBC is oft guilty of, its called communism. And while I don't necessarily agree or disagree with GS on this or many other points he makes, he is using his position and power with the CBC to push his personal beliefs.

      But the CBC has always been a left leaning propaganda machine, so really, its no surprise.


  18. You know what really pisses me off. That any disagreement with the gay community is considered hate based. It is a fascistic view that tries through extremism to move a particular agenda.

    As a married heterosexual man, I could care less if 2 men or women want to be married. It will not take away my ability to procreate and have children with my wife and for me to raise them. What I do care about however, is this constant battle cry for rights that don't exist and don't need to exist.

    Both sides of this argument need to get off this and perhaps on to something far more important, like poverty, war, cancer, whatever. This is a non-issue.

    Jesus may not have condoned homosexual activity, but he also said it is not for us to judge another person, and that only through him could grace be found. It's not up to the "Christian" to make those decisions, only for God. Man's legal system is just that, man's. So seriously who gives a damn if Mr and Mr Smith go to a judge and get married? I sure don't.

    OTOH, GS needs to get off my tv and stop spending my money on my soapbox pushing his agenda. I could care less about this loser other than the fact that if it wasn't for the CBC and the taxpayer, he would be asking me if I want 1 milk or two in my coffee at Tim Hortons.

  19. It drives me crazy when I see people being hateful towards gays or any other unaccepted quality that someone may have. If god does exist he created us exactly the way we are!!!!! If god is our creator, he created gay people, and also he created straight people. His teaching teach us to love and be accepting and not to hate bases on our own personal narrow minded qualities. To those people that say they are speaking for god, you are the ones who is completely wrong. He would be disgusted with you for interpreting his words for your own personal bias.

  20. I was sexually abused by several men as a child..all "straight"...all "married" and all "Christians".. including some "very respectable Cathoilic family men".....good luck with your narrow-mindedness!! I'm going to side with George...

  21. What an odious article! Someone clearly has decided to cherry pick the negative parts of the bible and not to focus on the hundreds of positive ones. Christian values are about acceptance, understanding, tolerance and forgiveness not about criticising gay people who are natural and god's children too.

  22. This blog is hate speech and against the terms and conditions of blogger so you have been reported.

  23. "My definition is the union of a man and a woman which is inherently procreative."

    So I guess this means that barren individuals/couples should not be allowed to marry as well?

  24. This is dumb. Let gays marry!!! Spend your energy on something else besides hatred. If you're religious you should help people not encourage hate. PS, George is awesome!

  25. I love the fact that the religious side of this debate always assumes the Church is Christian and totslly disregard every other religion.

  26. i adore the way church doctrine is a synonym with morals to you people. is that sub-concious snobbiness a prerequisite to christianity? or is it a by product? i've met wonderful, well-adapted people,raised by same-sex couples. and furthermore the craziest, most unstable characters i've known, come from good old fashion christian-puritan style homes. do you really believe your church invented marriage? was Pompeia not Julius Caesar's wife? did Ramses the Great not have 8 wives? Fuck, do you remember how many wives Jacob had (not counting the many slaves he knocked up)? clearly the ceremony of marriage existed before your questionably divine (or even existent?) carpenter came into play. evidently the "defintion" was altered to suit the christian people, and i really wish i could honestly feel sorry for you, but whether you like it or not, it HAS changed once again. if the egyptians can move on so can you. what should you care though, if you're right, all this "corruption" and "unholiness" and such, are just signs of a nearing apocolypse. all us nasty liberal people (and our gay friends) will be suffering eternal torment soon, right?

  27. people bash your religion because you are closed minded and arrogant, marriage is not just for pro creation, marriage is two people publicly representing their love for one an other so who is to say two people of the same gender can not love each other, your old book written by men and women that were more close minded than you are,no two people of same sex should be able to publicly represent their love just the same as anyone else, you say your book has maintained order and given the world morals, it seem like its creating a lot more destruction and discrimination, why should your word be able to control myself and the society I live in, it shouldn't its about time you realized there is a world outside the one in your head that you grasp to control with what you think is right and wrong, you think your self so wise but as you keep trying to control the world, its eventually going to leave you behind.

  28. The Bible also says that we should stone disobedient children to death, that eating shrimp is a sin, that women cannot speak in church. I could go on forever.

    Christians against gay marriage can pick and choose all they like, but their baseless hatred for people who are different from them really holds no water when you read all of the other obscene things found in the Bible. If we were true fundamentalists adhering to the Bible word for word, we would still be in the dark age.

  29. If a man and a woman get married and decide to never have children, is this not a legitimate marriage in the eyes of your definition?

  30. If a man and a woman are married and they decide not to have children, will this not be a legitimate marriage in the eyes of your procreative definition?

  31. Wow - very sad that you believe marriage is narrowed down to Christianity.

    In fact, it exists in all sorts of cultures. The only culture I've ever read about or studied, where marriage was not practiced - was the Moseo of Asia (a matriarchal society who are now trapped by the borders of China.)

    Shame on you for being so ego-centric as to think Marriage only matters to "Christians." In fact, it is practiced world-wide and has been for longer than any of us know.

    God would be proud of mankind for standing up for human rights. I think he would be very heartbroken that you would spread such hatred amongst his children.

  32. I Read your comments Paul Lynch. Bottom line..you say a lot of crap and preach a lot of hate. and no matter what you say..YOu are simply a bigot and a creep. You have an opinion..you also think White and Black people should not marry..its wrong right..the bible says so..so keep your bigotry to yourself..who cares what a bigot thinks. Same sex marriage is not wrong..just because you have a problem with it. It has everything to do with bigotry and hate .. Go live in Nazi germany you C***

  33. shove your Christian and Muslim beliefs up your arse. If you want to believe that load of fairytales ..then do so and be an ignorant hater. Go shrivel up and die in your little make believe world you sorry ass. In the meantime..keep your religious view to yourself and stop trying to shove your crap down everyone elses throat...If you dont believe in gay marraige..then dont marry someone gay and shut the F*** up.

  34. I could probably argue this entire article for days, but I'm just going to fix one incredibly wrong statement that is presented as fact in this article: It is, in fact, completely legal in ALL of Canada for a same-sex couple to adopt.

  35. Your religion makes you so hateful and small-minded. I sincerely hope you get the opportunity to really think about life one day.

  36. Jesus said turn the other cheek. And he said to love your neighbour. Have you forgotten these most fundamental of teachings?

    Who are you to put words in His mouth to justify your own fears, your own irrationality, your own hatred? Who are you to twist His teachings to your own ends?

    Judge not, lest ye be judged.



  38. Wow... so much hatred. I won't be engaging a single one of these ad-hominem, hyperbolic, ill-mannered attackers.

    Those with a good grasp on biblical principle don't hate gays, we just disagree with the sexual cravings they can give themselves to. It unsettles the majority of the population, as well, to be in view of such intimacy -- internet comment spamming be damned.

    Among many justifications, perhaps one sees it as a mental illness, and the resulting symptoms intolerable in society. Grab your greater scientific or encyclopaedic articles but the causes behind it are not established.

    The vast majority of Christians are all for stopping bullying and supporting LGBT in our communities, even more so than the common populace.

  39. You know what pisses me off the most? The fact that you can't just understand that two men or two women can love each other just as much as a man and a women can heterosexually love each other. You are very uneducated because you have not lived it. Who are you to tell ANYONE that without first experiencing it first hand? I am not gay, I am bisexual, so I can see it from both sides, and honestly as long as two people love each other they should be able to be 100% committed to each other, so why not marriage?

    As for your little rant about how kids will be messed up and are 'at risk' for growing up around I direct you to this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMLZO-sObzQ
    I can also speak from experience that I have many friends who were born into same sex partner's homes and grew up just fine. I have discussed whether or not they felt at risk growing up or pressured to be gay themselves, and they all answered 'not at all', it's the same love and care that you would receive from any family. The definition of marriage does not have to be between 'a man and a woman', the definition of marriage is FAMILY... be it a family of two, four, six, or however many. Family exists as long as the love and care is there for each other.

    So I recommend that before you start judging others' relationships before you fully understand them, you do your research and educate yourself more on real-life situations rather than something written in a book that claims that you will 'go to hell'.

  40. I was doing research about Strombo and came across this awful, appalling blog post. I woudl say George is NOT wrong about Gay Marriage, however YOU ARE. I agree with many here saying Jesus would be ashamed, appalled and probably wouldn't even want to be associated with the twisted view of family values presented on this post AND by many faith-based groups.

    After being born Catholic I have purposefully stepped away from the religion because i see it as a hypocritical set of values with an offensive underlying set of double standards that favours only those willing to accept the dual morality.

    It is beyond me how you can call yourself christian and spew hate, I would like to know how you think your attitude is christ-like when you advocate for the non-inclusion of gay rights?

    I would like to point out that I (as many here) are giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming God does exist and that He is an all-loving, forgiving supreme being, creator of everything in the universe; After all that is what i was brought up to believe. With this in mind, how does intolerance and hate for LGBT groups fit into the Christian doctrine?

    Being against Gay Rights now is as backwards as being against Racial Equality or being a proponent of segregation... and it is this awful unrepentant backwardness and denial that over time made me realize I didn't want to be associated with a group that uses faith as an excuse to promote intolerance and hate while condescendingly spreading a pseudo-gospel that interprets Christs' words to its own gain and benefit.

  41. U are ALL playing with words here!!!!
    I don't hate homosexuals but I HAVE the RIGHT to my opinion!!!
    Why I can say I dont like broccoli or I don't like S. Harper.. but I can't say "I dont like gay marriage" ???
    Don't play that card ANYMORE!!!
    DOESN'T WORK !!!

  42. Wow you are an ASSHOLE!! I don't understand how conservatives can think that it is wrong to accept everyone equally!!! The bible is a fictitious book written by people not god. From what the bible said Jesus wants you to accept everyone, anyways Jesus, God, Satan and Muhamed Don't exist!!!

  43. if wwe stop listening to these bigots and caring what they think they will loose the little power they think they have- except in the USA of course where church and state are ireprably fused- like most muslim countries- all around sad and a very fucked up worls- one created by a god? I think not!!

  44. i stopped reading after the 4th paragraph where the author of this article says: "The main purpose of marriage is for any potential children. It's not because the state is somehow recognizing that two people love each other." I had to stop reading because i knew just from this couple of sentences that the rest of the article would spiral down this rabbit hole of delusion that it could quite literally destroy brain cells.

    Doesn't he say anything wrong with what he just said there? it's wrong on so many levels.

    1. There is no biological restriction in our body that all of a sudden allows us to make babies one we are married. There's no switch where all of a sudden a man's testicles and a woman's ovaries produce sperm and eggs once they say their I dos. We can make babies once we reach puberty. Thus...

    2. The unintentional meaning then of what you said is that you don't need love in a relationship to have kids and a family. Then might as well make babies with a whore.

    3. The state couldn't care less if 2 people love each other. that's a reality. but another reality is that the state then also precludes same sex couples from benefits that married couples enjoy.

    4. Lastly, if the sole purpose of marriage is to make babies, then i just can't wait to hear your opinions on married couples who choose not to have childred *gasp!*

    I'm a Catholic as well (practicing, in fact). Our faith is supposed to be based on understanding. Jesus was a champion for the marginalized. He welcomed outcasts. So who are we to be doing just the opposite?

  45. So, according to your logic, men and women past the child bearing years, as well as any heterosexual who for some reason or another cannot procreate, should not be allowed to marry?

  46. I don't get why people have such a problem with gay marriage. If gay people get married, it doesnt effect heterosexual marriages in any way. You keep saying this as if gay people will marry women if same sex couples aren't allowed to get married. Well that's not the case. They would just be sitting around as a couple just not married. It makes no difference if they are allowed to get married.

  47. ok, everyone listen up


  48. Fuck off you ignorant piece-of-shit.

  49. Well said. Spoken like a true brain dead christian.

  50. Everyone is entitled to an opinion I suppose(?). I am a gay man who along with my partner; is raising a WONDERFUL child. I guess I'm a little different than those others who succumb to sad religious terrorism, in the fact that I don't give a damn who likes the fact that my partner and I WILL be married AND raise our child in a pure, and loving light. I laugh at the errrrrr "sanctity"(?) Of marriage as you pretend to define. Divorce rates, and 30 minute marriages umong the "divinely" sanctioned speaks VOLUMES about the oh so sanctimonious heterosexual marriage! It's time to get a clue... no? I don't expect much though from a church that touts the miracle of Jesus being God because of his miraculous ascension, then worships the dead for having the same miraculous power. Sad really.

  51. I'm not Catholic (anymore) because of the views of people like you. As much as I may respect your opinion and see you as an equal human being, your views suggest that this isn't reciprocated. I'm sorry, but if you say that "God loves all", stand with a faith that has in its doctrine that all humans are free to choose, and claim that it's justified to use a few passages in the Bible as solid evidence that God hates gays (even though God loves all) and will cast me to Hell because I'm gay and may choose to marry (though probably not), you're a hypocrite.

    I told my parents that I can't ever go back to church after I realized how homophobic the place was because I believe that God loves all, but apparently, the Bible doesn't love me and so I chose to believe something else, and it's not my loss either. My parents also told me that the power of prayer is why I'm alive today (My mother had 2 stillbirths and 1 child die just after birth and prayed over my mother's uterus to make sure I wasn't going to die), so I doubt God would ignore my cries to become straight for 2 years if that was really His intention. ;)

  52. Just had to laugh at this TOTALLY absurd and uneducated crock of bullshit! Get a grip!! You could not be more wrong nor more of a two faced bigoted asshole!