Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chick-Fil-A Controversy

So in the States Chick-Fil-A is facing some criticism over the president's endorsement of traditional marriage. The company also donated to traditional marriage groups.

Of course, this is an intolerable offense to liberals. How dare anyone oppose a definition of marriage that came about about a decade ago and has never existed in human history. What a hateful bigot you'd have to be not to change your opinion immediately when society does.

Give me a break. Two gay men or two gay women do not constitute a marriage by any real definition. First you would have to pretty much destroy any real definition of marriage for it to even fit in any way shape or form.

So anyway, someone expresses his opinion on the issue and practically the entire liberal establishment wants the restaurant abolished. Who cares anyway, they only make chicken sandwiches not laws.

If you don't like this place, don't eat there. It's a free world, well pretty free.

Restaurants should be allowed to say whatever they want. You can choose to eat there. I personally hope this increases their business.


  1. This idea is bigoted and stupid,there is bairly any difference,so what if a man can Marry a man or a women a women it is there choice not your stupid religion it is to be decided by people not faceless organizations like Catholicism and chick-a-filla

  2. I feel sorry for you (comment above) as you clearly miss the entire point - and beauty - that TRUE marriage brings if you claim there is no difference. You say it's not ok for 'faceless organizations like Catholicism and chick-fil-a' to give their stance on gay marriage, but you think it is ok for faceless people in an organization (known as the government) to inflict this change on us; demolish the WHOLE foundation of a country for the will of the minority rather than the majority?! Not only is that madness, it’s also the complete opposite of what a government is meant to do. Furthermore, we KNOW the faces (AND NAMES) in the Catholic Church (and might I mention countless other religious and non religious organizations/people out there) who are opposed to this change AND we know the face (AND NAME) of the president of Chick-fil-a – so your point is void. I want to see the faces and know the names of the people who are pushing for this change – because I have NO idea who exactly is behind this and why. It definitely ISN'T coming from the public – so who are they really acting for? It sure isn’t in the name of equality, or for the majority. I want to see who the benefactors of the politicians vying for this change, are. I'm pretty sure that'll tell us all we need to know.