Thursday, July 12, 2012

Melinda Gates trying to reduce the number of Africans

So Melinda Gates is intent on reducing the number of children born in Africa. She hopes to do this by pumping more contraception into the continent than they currently have. Keep in mind, most people who are actually in Africa complain they cannot find clean drinking water or they are getting malaria. But I guess those causes are a little too old fashioned and passé. The much more "in" thing to do is contraception, abortion, and things like that. Those are "cutting-edge". Clean water? boooring. Let's eliminate people by forcing contraception and sterilization: that's modern and "feminist"!

Plus, many countries are jumping on this bandwagon, maybe even my own, despite me not authorizing this. By the way, there is already too much contraception in Africa. It's more available than water. But the ideologues must prove that condoms can save the world.

The funniest part is Melinda says she is a devout Catholic. LOL!! Sometimes Catholics who attend Mass weekly and follow all the rules are not even called devout. So how on earth would a woman who willfully violates basic tenets of the faith a devout Catholic. That's like calling someone a devout Jew who eats pork every day.

These people are just modern-day eugenicists. They see Africans as undesirables and want to reduce their numbers. Plus, they like the feeling of being a savior to these people and it advances their ideology which they will continue to pursue despite evidence that it's false.

On behalf of all Western countries I would like to apologize to Africa for our arrogance.


  1. You are a buffoon and you have no idea what you're talking about.

  2. The Bush/Obama/Romney Global Terrorist Crime Cartel will make Bill and Melinda Gates directors of genocide against the poor in the USA after they complete their wet work;and make their bones in Africa...

  3. Making a living out of killing the living - all under the name of 'freedom'. So much sugar on both Gates' BS it's saddening.

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