Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sensus Fidelium: A Treasure Trove of Information

If you are a serious Catholic, you have no choice but to check out the Sensus Fidelium Youtube Channel.

The channel contains thousands of top quality audio from various Catholic priests and others. They are very faithful to tradition and teach true Catholic Doctrine. I must say that I really learned a lot by listening to some of these talks particularly those by Fr. Chad Ripperger. He really clarifies things in a fantastic way. For example, he doesn't lightly use words randomly. He uses the precise word that he is looking for as he has memorized their definitions.

This priest has given some excellent talks concerning the various levels of prayer and the necessity of mental prayer. This is something that I hadn't her talked about very often in homilies. As mentioned, he very clearly explains the various levels of prayers and will quote various saints when giving his talks. We need clear teaching and teachings of substance, which is something that is highly lacking in the live of most Catholics.

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