Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Feast of Mary the Mother of God

January 1 of each year is the feast of Mary the Mother of God. This is Mary's most important title. The name is appropriate because Jesus came to us as both fully man and fully God. Some people find it hard to call Mary the Mother of God, but logic and reason will have it no other way. Mary gave birth to Jesus, and Jesus is God, therefore she is the mother of God. Mary did not give birth to Jesus' human nature, which doesn't make sense. Jesus is both human and divine, these cannot be separated. In fact, saying Mary gave birth to Jesus's human nature is not only a fallacy, both logically and theologically, it also brings up the old fallacy of Nestorianism. This is an ancient heresy, which was preached by Nestor, and was condemned by the entire Church.

Mary is due great honor, because she accepted God's call, no matter how difficult. Even though what God told her seemed impossible, Mary willingly participated in our salvation, as the handmaiden of the Lord, as she calls herself in the Bible.

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