Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stigmata: A Sign from God

Stigmata, also known as Mystical Stigmata, is from the word used in the Latin Vulgate Bible, meaning marks, such as was described by St. Paul in his letters to the Galatians when he said, "I bear on my body the marks of Jesus." Starting with the most well-known example of St. Francis of Assisi, there have been hundreds of Stigmatics, almost all of whom were pious Catholics.

Stigmata is a state in which a person receives wounds corresponding to those which Christ suffered during his torture and execution in Nazareth. Stigmata can be had in various ways, which represent any combination of the wounds of our Lord. Some receive bleeding wounds on the hands, some on their feet, some on their side (representing where Christ was pierced by the sword), others on their shoulder, representing the mark of soreness Jesus received while carrying the cross. Some may also receive stigmata corresponding to Jesus' Crown of Thorns.

Within Stigmata, there are two important kinds: visible and invisible. Visible stigmata is stigmata which is present and can be seen in the form of wounds. Invisible stigmata is stigmata which does not show physical signs, but gives the pain and suffering associated with Christ's afflictions. Visible stigmata is pretty much always combined with invisible stigmata in this regard.

There have been many hundreds of cases of stigmata, mostly involving women. Many who experience these are devout Catholics, and indeed saints on Earth. The wounds of those who receive Stigmata are clearly visible, and continue to bleed without healing. Sometimes, they just mysteriously vanish, only to possibly reappear later. Everyone, even skeptics, agree that stigmata exists.

As an added sign that this is from God, often the odour produced from the wounds of the stigmatics do not reek of a bad odour, as unhealing wounds might, but rather emit a very pleasant odour, such as that of a rose or other flower.

Stigmatics are known to be very shy and try often to conceal their miraculous sign. These are almost always very pious people who seek to love and serve God, and wish to proclaim God's greatness, and in humility would rather stay in the background. However, these people are miraculous signs to all of us that God interacts in a special way with mankind, and gives us miraculous signs so we know he is close.


  1. Naw, it because people are mean to unexpected nice people who want and give peace on earth to recieve multiple manipulation by others.

  2. Therefore it isnot a sign from god but rather tourcher of people like those who kill for power.

  3. Torcher the inmocent as evil did yesteryears.because those who manipulate the inmocent because of their own guilt of wrong doings ,they want someone to be sacraficed for those sins.

  4. My invisible stigmata started fifteen years ago. For people who do not believe they need to walk in my shoes. I have not been to church in awhile for every time I go the pain is incredeable. I just want to scream in church. The odd thing is that a week before I receive any money the pain starts.The greater the money the more server the pain is.

  5. i just gogged this to see what id find ,,,
    my story
    i have 2 identical scars on my feet since i was very young.
    when i was seven i got burnt playing with fire very small burn from plastic on the center of the back of my left hand but it was strange as 2 weeks later a peace of coal flew out of the fire in the sitten room and scared my right hand in the very same place boath perfict circles..
    1 yea later i was sent for an operation on my heart and was left with a scar about 3 inch below my arm ..
    odd their the onle marks i have on my body

  6. You people need to learn how to spell.

  7. I believe anything is possible, I also believe in the Invisible Stigmata and it can come in many forms also from physical to mental suffering. For instance, the crown of thorns in an invisible stigmatic form would be when a person suffers tremendously emotionally, mentally over the dispair of all humans, enemies, ect, the mental angquish is so full of passion and Jesus asked God why how thow forsaken me, his final words and a person would ask the same when in such dispair over cruel acts where there is a choice of kindness, add bondage to it, both feet and wrist, hands are bound on the cross where people crusify one another, physically or mentally, continuously keeping them bound, just like Jesus was bound on the cross, Yet Jesus said Father forgive them for they know not what they do, as we are suppose to have the same aspect when we have hung so long on the Cross either from our own actions or people on a witch hunt so to speak, family's are great at this, then add a peircing to the side where a Mother may be pregnant and the child ruptures thru her uterous on Good Friday and in a miracle the Woman is save which is rare, both generally die and she buries her child on Easter, barely able to move herself other than in a wheelchair to go to the grave side services so weak, so distraught, then add years down the road, agony, depression, beated, tormented, disgraced, left nakid with all of your sins exsposed and you hunger for a justicial righteousness, where murderes go free and your still on the Cross forever and once more after the last stigmatic affliction did not kill you, then Spiritually your own spirit grieves and mourns until one day, you realize, you beat death twiste now, hell and the grave and you rise in your team spirit, the last stigma test and you smile, knowing you have a secret between you and God that you share unlike others and the blood, sweat and tears were the greatest journey of all and all misfortunes are your benifact and blessings in disguise, nothing is impossible to you and you rise up above it all in dignity, grace, wisdom, peace and no fear so yes I live alone by choice, liberated from bondage now and whether I spell correctly or not is of no concern, what matters is, what you Believe! You can believe anything you want, go out into the world and just be kind, that goes a long ways in a world that is crazy right now and pulls at straws or afraid to trust themselves or create their own world away from chaos as I have but I had to get off the cross and carry it and bear it all and turn my world around. There is always something new to discover on your own and it is possible to have a happy heart that has been thru total hell but you have to think and use that God given imagination.

  8. i'm just wondering if Stigmata really does exist is there any website that can back up the truth about it is there any proof of it existing i truly am researching it after i seen the movie stigmata and wanna know if it really can happen

  9. There are so many wonderful hidden mystery's that we are to seek out on our own if we do not find the info for the truth is within you, never stop seeking and remember that there are many conspiracys out there that teach us things that in these latter years we have found to be untrue and I have the invisible stigmata I know for a fact but I do not tell people but am telling you that it does exist as sure as other hidden mystery's. Many books have been left out of the Bible, check out the Gospel of Thomas, the Secret sayings of Jesus which was in the Movie Stigmata, and tho the Catholic or Vaticans deny it always believe Jesus said nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, if people knew the truth then it would break and spoil the powers of darkness that run the Churches today, notice they are falling and also that they are separting, Jesus rarely went to Church for the false teachings. Stigmata and Invisble Stigmata is real and I do not have to show proof it just is like all other things that just are.

  10. I see dead people

  11. Yes, I am suffering from stigmata. Automatically blood coming from the palm and my fingertips. It doesnt happen all the time, just every once in a while or i can say 2 -3 days in a month. It doesnt cover my whole hand and sometimes it doesnt even get on both hand. But it is not paining at all.
    Please explain me in simple language what is this?
    Please can anyone help me to cure this? I have done all the blood test but every thing was normal..

    1. Hi Arpita, Are you a practicing Catholic?