Monday, June 08, 2009

Do you know your apologetics?

Apologetics is explaining and defending the faith. A favorite show of mine is Catholic Answers Live, which is all about apologetics. You can hear it at Every 3 or 6 months, they have a show where instead of people calling in asking questions, people call in and are ASKED questions (It's called Who Wants to be an Apologist).

There are 5 questions, the first 3 are considered easy or moderate, and the last 2 are considered difficult. If a contestant gets one correct answer, they get a $25 gift certificate for the Catholic
Answers store. If they get 3 right, they get $50, and for 5 correct answers, they receive $100.

The show was supposed to air tonight, but it was postponed due to technical difficulties. I will try calling in the next time it comes on the air. Last time I called in, I got all 5 questions correct and
got $100 worth of quality material. It was well worth the phone call!

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