Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The double-standards of "pro-choice"

A one-day old baby was found in a shoebox with holes poked in it, in the lobby of an apartment building. The baby had to go to the hospital, but was in good condition. The mother is being sought out and will probably be charged with a felony if she is ever caught. If the day before she had gone to an abortion mill and had the baby killed, she would be let off scott free. Apparently, letting your baby live is a worse crime. In fact, the former is not a crime at all. This is very sad. In the news story it says the residents were outraged and there is a general sense of sadness. Do they not realize that their state and country murders millions of babies each year? These babies that are murdered are only a couple of days younger than this one. In fact, they may be older. I am not sure if this baby was full term. If he was born after 8 months of pregnancy, then many of the babies who are aborted would be older than him.

But where's the outrage for the unborn babies? Babies who are only different from the one in the news because they haven't come out from the birth canal yet. Many police officers will be dispatched to deal with this case, hundreds of hours will be spent, many concerned groups will seek out help for this child. Everyone thinks this is good, and it is! But if someone were to declare themselves pro-life or to say pre-born children deserve to live, they are sometimes ridiculed, insulted, and harrassed by the same people who are champions for the cause of this little one.

On top of that, while it is a tragedy that this baby was left in a shoebox, it appears the mother's intention was not for the baby to die. She did not kill the baby. She left him there with holes in the shoebox. Obviously this is very dangerous, but at least the intention wasn't murder. The intention of abortion IS murder. It is the deliberate killing of a child. How ironic that this woman would be sent to prison for months or years, yet those who murder their children with full awareness are not penalized and are even praised for making a good "choice".

Let's create a culture in which ALL children are respected and loved!

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