Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Catholic nurse forced to participate in abortion, lawsuit filed

My girlfriend and I were discussing this topic yesterday. Basically we were saying in our workplaces we are sometimes asked to make moral decisions or to violate our morals, and the question is, what does one do? Of course, we could always be morally courageous and never violate our morals, but then other questions arise. What level of moral disobedience is legitimate to save our career and livelihood? It's not always easy to just refuse to do something the boss asks us to. What if, for example, the boss tells us to inform a client that we cannot pay them until next month because there is not enough money, when in fact we could possibly pay them, but it would be disadvantageous. Would we be required to flat out refuse to carry out this task and jeopardize our job? Perhaps not.

The story below tells of a nurse who was forced to participate in some level with an abortion. At what level can one participate in a moral evil and still be free from guilt? That's a good question. There is a question of materially participating in an action.

This kind of forced participation in abortion is not so far-fetched. Some abortion advocates are calling for the removal of conscience objections. In other words, people would no longer have the right to protest doing something on a moral basis such as abortion and could be fired for not helping. We must do what we can to stop this kind of injustice.

Check out the article below:

Catholic nurse forced to participate in abortion, lawsuit filed

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