Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scientists Create Human Sperm from Stem Cells

A scary story has emerged that scentists in England are now using embryonic stem cells to produce sperm. This is so disgusting and disturbing in so many ways. Let's rephrase what is happening here. They are using human pre-born children to make sperm... Obviously this violates many Catholic morals, including the 4th commandment, Thou shall not kill. Of course, as with other "scientific discoveries", the scientists involved have only benevolent goals. They just want to help guys who can't have kids to have them! Wow, thanks guys, but no thanks. We can never kill someone so as to benefit someone else.

The same team who has orchestrated this Frankensteinian situation are also looking into another, less morally offensive, procedure that would turn adult male skin cells into sperm. Of course, this will also be illicit, because children have a right to be born naturally in the loving union of husband and wife, not at the hands of a scientist in a sterilized lab in a petri dish.

Now, none of this has been completed yet, and is still in a theoretical stage. I just wish people would realize that just because something is possible, doesn't mean we necessarily have to try it. Also, just because there is a conceivable benefit to something, doesn't mean it is completely legitimate. That's why I dislike when I hear scientists saying things like "This technology will help disabled people." but they ignore the potential harm. Both must be weighed.

Check out the Time Magazine article below:

Scientists Create Human Sperm from Stem Cells


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