Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marriage Ends, Health Declines - ABC News

Science once again proves something which Christ said. Jesus often said a man should not divorce his wife. The Bible says what God has joined, let no man divide. So it's no surprise that competent science has once again proven that divorce is bad in many ways. What Christ teaches us to do is for our own health and benefit.

Of course, science is not necessary to prove what God says. In fact, science has little to do with faith and morals. Science can only observe, but it cannot make moral statements, or answer the question of why, it only answers the question of how. I've become more interested lately in the concept that some people have replaced their trust in God with trust in science, which is a very dangerous road to take. God's truths are eternal, science is only based on our interpretation set of data. I'm all for scientific study, with the realization that we are observing God's creation. God comes first, and science only comes from God. Therefore science is very much subordinate to God.

I will probably speak on this topic more later. But for now, please view the following article:

Marriage Ends, Health Declines - ABC News

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