Saturday, January 02, 2010

Another Attack on Religion, this time in Greece

In Greece, a predominantly Orthodox country, some people are trying to have religious symbols and practices removed. Greece has been a Christians country for millenia, and this is just another attack on its identity.

A schoolmaster wonders out loud if soon there will be challenges to the Greek flag, an issue I brought up several posts ago. The flag of course contains a cross, just like dozens of others around the world.

The Christian faith is an integral part of Greek culture. Any student who is not Orthodox is not or should not be required to participate in a prayer, but to ban them outright is wrong. Christianity is an integral part of Greek culture. Removing it would be like removing their food, language, or any other aspect. If some people do not like the language or food, then do not partake, but to ban it for everyone is an attack on religion and culture.

A culture is made up of various aspects, including language, religion, food, and way of life. To remove or ban any of these things is to commit a sort of cultural genocide.

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