Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Will Massachusetts end Obamacare?

Tonight Massachusetts will vote for their senator: either Democrat Martha Coakley or Republican Scott Brown. This election is being watched across America, and perhaps much of the world, because if Brown is elected, then Obamacare will not be able to pass so easily. Right now, the Democrats have 59 senators, but will need 60 in order to be fillibuster-proof and allow the bill to pass.

Many people of faith would like to see Mr. Brown elected. First of all, Obama's health care plan could involve millions of dollars of donations to Planned Parenthood, which has doctors that performs abortions. Right now, abortions are not paid for by tax-payers, but if Obamacare is passed, it may start being funded, which is a bad thing.

Also, Mrs. Coakley made some disparaging comments to people of faith, suggesting they should perhaps not work in emergency rooms in hospitals because they may be against abortion and other things. This flies in the face of legislation which guarantees the right of people of faith to work in any environment and not be forced to violate their faith and morals. Anything less is tyranny. Also under this law, medical practitioners have the right to not give contraception and other things.

Let's hope that Scott Brown is elected and that he helps reduce abortion.


  1. What on earth is wrong with you? What is going through your head? You're hoping that millions of Americans will be without health care just so you can carry on being happy about tax-payers not having to pay for abortions IN A COUNTRY YOU DON'T EVEN LIVE IN.

    This is one of your most disgusting posts ever! It shows what a sick person you truly are, and all because of a silly religion you don't even know is real.

    And honestly, my comments earlier were too harsh, I don't believe you're a sick person. I believe you're a good person, but your morals have been raped and murdered by your religion, your sick religion. Your post borders on insane. You're so caught up in the lives that could possibly be lost you forget about that lives that already are.

    People of faith SHOULD NOT work in emergency rooms if their faith interferes with the best possible treatment of their patients. If I was in an accident and needed blood transfusions to live, I would home my doctor or nurse isn't a Jehovah's witness who would force their beliefs on me and not give me the blood I need to live.

    How would you feel if you were living in America, rather than Canada, and you weren't able to afford health insurance? How would you feel about Mrs. Coakley being elected? How would you feel about the possibly of not getting health care if Mr. Brown was elected?

    I wish I was really able to express to you how sick to my stomach this post made me. I hope you take some time to reflect after reading this. Maybe reconsider where your morals are. I hope you lose your religion and become a better person than your religion has turned you into. I know you're a better person then what you show in these posts.

  2. I definitely want all Americans to have health care. My religion says that everyone is loved by God and deserves to be helped. Like Mother Teresa. Her religion inspired her to set up shelters for abandonned children. It's also why 22% of hospitals in India are from the Catholic Church, even though only 2% of the population is Catholic. So my religion has helped millions of people.

    What people want is health care without abortion funding. I would love to see health care coverage to everyone in the country, but when you pay to have children killed, that's kind of a deal breaker.

    That's kind of like saying, we will send $100 million to Haiti to help people, but we'll only do it if we can spend $20 million on killing innocent people in China. You cannot do evil so that good may come of it.

  3. Not that you would of actually looked up any information, but Mother Teresa was a terrible person. Do some research, if you care.

    I'm not saying your wrong, but please provide some citations to those facts which you present, other wise I don't know if you're just making up numbers or not. Regardless of this, I'll assume it's true, religions love to provide aid and care, because it gives them a chance to convert people to their religion. Are their any stipulations of getting care at these hospitals? I'll get the patients leave with, at the very least, a bible in hand.

    "What people want is health care without abortion", so you mean "What I want..."? How about all the rape victims, or mothers impregnated with babies which will die upon birth? Yeah, screw them, they don't need abortions anyway! Abortions are part of health care reform because they're part of health.

    Your analogy makes no sense. There is a huge difference between humans who have already been born and fetuses.

  4. Let me put it this way:

    If you are a Christian, May-Be you shouldn't get a job at a graven images and golden idol factory.

    That's all.

    BTW, your religion has also 'touched' thousands of children. In the bad place.