Sunday, January 03, 2010

How we know Jesus is God

I was about to write an article on how we know Jesus is God. Then I found this video where Lee Strobel explains it very well.

I would add to this that Jesus forgave sins, something only God can do. He also changed people's names, again something only God was allowed to do.

Very good video.

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  1. I am a Catholic, and believe all the points in the video and the points you make. However, you need to be careful, these are BELIEFS not FACTS. Telling someone Jesus is definitely God because he changed peoples names and forgave sins is not a good argument. The counter is simple, "I could write a fictional book and have a character do the same thing." I know that you will probably state that you know the Bible is accurate, which is something I also believe,however, when dealing with the secular world we need to bring more than beliefs to the table. Just a thought, keep up the good work.