Monday, July 12, 2010

Hundreds of Anglican priests going over to Catholic Church

A couple of factors have collided to cause hundreds of Anglican bishops to convert to the Catholic faith and bring thousands of parishioners with them. The two factors are as follows:

- The Church of England is about to authorize the ordination of female bishops. This is something that has already happened in some countries. However, it is not throughout the whole Anglican communion, and there is a General Synod of the Anglican Church being convened to discuss this issue. There are two sides. One is the traditionalists who want to have male-only bishops and want their own separate authority system. The other are the liberal faction which wants little or no restrictions of female bishops. Needless to say, this is causing considerable tension, and since no bishop in the Anglican Church has more authority than another, there can be no overriding decree pronounced.

- The other factor the pope last year created a process whereby Anglicans could become Catholic while maintaining many of their unique traditions. Sort of like the fact that there are Roman Catholics and there are Ukrainian Catholics. They each have their own traditions, but are both fully Catholic in unity with the Pope.

Because of these two factors, there are hundreds of traditionalist Anglican priests who are moving over to become Catholic.

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To read more about the hundreds of Anglican priests who are converting, please go here.

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