Saturday, July 10, 2010

Should Catholic Hospitals perform abortions?

The ACLU is getting upset because they want Catholic Hospitals to abort babies, but of course they refuse. The reason this has come up now is because a nun who worked at the hospital was excommunicated because she authorized an abortion on a woman who was ill. Sr. Margaret McBride was demoted and excommunicated while working at St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix AZ.

The thing is, abortions are never necessary. I don't know the specifics of the woman in question that the nun authorized an abortion for, but it indicates she was ill. If she was ill and required medical treatment, Catholic moral law would permit that. Let me explain the Catholic position on this situation.

If a womas has a life-threatening condition, she can receive treatment for it, even if doing so would end up killing the child. For example, her uterus develops cancer. It must be removed to save her life. The child who is in her womb dies. The death of the child is an unintended consequence of her action, and is therefore not morally impermissible. This would fall under the moral law of double effect.

If a woman would simply get sick or may have issues raising a child, these do not constitute a situation where the baby's life could be sacrificed.

The Catholic belief is that life begins at conception and therefore someone cannot take a life because of a personal issue or inconvenience.

I'm not sure why the ACLU wants Catholic Hospitals to provide abortions. Aren't there enough abortion facilities around? That's like demanding that Muslim Hospitals serve pork. Why? It makes no sense to me.

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  1. The devastating fact of destroying life ... the devastating fact of the pain, the torment, the guilt that follows abortion. Had it not been for God's forgiveness, I would be 90% lunatic.
    Thank God for people like yourself who refuse to be silent about abortion. That makes lots of sense to me!