Friday, July 16, 2010

Rosary Beads are not fashion items

I was at the Mall a couple of days ago, and in one shoe store they had rosary-type beads for sale to be worn as a fashion item. They were not real rosaries because they did not have the large bead after every ten smaller beads. Rather, they were designed to look like a rosary. They had about 50 beads on a necklace, and a cross at the end.

Another time, I was in a line up at a store, and near the checkout was a rosary-bead-looking object that was actually a car air freshener.

As we also know, people sometimes wear crosses as fashion symbols. As far as I know, Madonna was one of the first people to wear a rosary as a fashion item. Other celebrities have taken her lead.

Sometimes people may do this in good faith. Perhaps they are indicating they are Christian or Catholic. Maybe they want jewelry that reflects a religious theme, a best of both worlds scenario. However, I believe the majority of people who wear these rosary bead accessories are not doing it for those reasons.

I believe it is inappropriate to use a religious item as a fashion accessory, because it is not the intended use and takes something holy and uses it for a personal motive such as vanity. A rosary is meant to draw a person closer to God, but fashion is meant to attract people to the wearer. Therefore, the rosary as fashion is being misused.

I want to point out however that some religious people have been known to wear actual, blessed rosary beads around their neck. I would recommend against it, even if the intension is to display adherence to the faith, because it is not being done appropriately.

Also, I want to point out that even this inappropriate use of rosary beads could potentially yield good results. People may wonder the original of the beads and decide to investigate further and in doing so discover the prayers of the rosary.

Finally, if you are still wondering why rosary beads cannot be used as fashion items, I ask you to consider replacing it with another religious item. For example, wearing a yarmulke to cover a bald spot, or using a tallit (Jewish shall) as a skirt. These would seem outlandish to most. So should using a rosary as jewelry.

If you are interested in praying the rosary and would like a one page pdf describing the rosary, please go here.

P.S. Just as I was inserting the picture into this article, the Rosary with Mother Angelica came on EWTN!


  1. Im a good Catholic and somtimes i wear the rosary but i do it becauce what it means and about. I bet jesus would not mine a good Catholic showing what he belives and spreding the messeage of the Lord.

  2. You're right Tom. If you're wearing your rosary bead as a devotional, then God will understand. My only concern is that when others see you wearing it, they may be inclined to see it as a fashion item. I think if you live your faith and others know you are devoted to Jesus, then it can be a good thing.

  3. where can i buy these exact rosary from

  4. hi i feel that when our blessed mother introduced the rosary it was for praying im sure many catholics feel that anyways.............

    im sure its not a sin to wear them around your neck apart from a fashion statement the rosary is very powerful if yu want to pray but carrying them around your neck is not a sinful matter my father wore his around his neck for years not as a fashion statement butas love for our blessed mother............

  5. I found this randomly when I was doing my homework.. I have to say that I agree, at the same time as I disagree.. We live in a world where no one receives respect, especially religious people. I think FAKE rosaries may be OK to wear as a piece of jewelry, but real ones should be used by those who believes in their religion.

  6. I have noted that many Catholics have weighed in on this thread. I remember going to Catacism classes on Wednesday and the nuns were adament about not wearing rosary beads. As a Catholic, I don't see a problem with wearing rosary beads, particularly when it is not from the Western European tradition of Roman Catholisism. The author of this thread is not considering the fact that many who may wear the rosary as an adornment, may not prescribe to the Catholic beliefs regarding the wearing of rosary beads. South American countries do mix Catholic dogma with other beliefs, e.g. voodoo. Those who practice adopted Catholicism use symbolism and symbolism as an adornment to identify who they are and what they believe in. Is there anything wrong with this. How do I know? I'm not God....and neither is anyone who expresses their opinion on this thread. If you don't believe in wearing the rosary as an adornment, then live by that creed. As for others, that is their business I'm happy and thankful for them, praise God. I thank him everyday for the miracle of sight to see others adorning themselves with the rosary. Rosaries are so beautific. How can one deny using them as an adornment when that individual is not a Catholic?

  7. how do i find real rosery beads