Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Eating Animals in Catholicism

Some people are very concerned about the killing of animals, far more than the killing of humans in many cases. I’ve never yet met a person who is a vegetarian for moral reasons who wasn’t also pro-choice. It doesn’t really make sense. But then there are high profile cases of the killings of Cecil the Lion and Harambe the Gorilla. People get way more worked up about these than the killing of human beings.


It’s like I said before, just because people are not “religious” doesn’t mean they don’t have a religion. People replace true religion with things like science or animal activism or whatever. They are just as or far more dogmatic than religious people. Some people will say “oh I’m so tolerant and open and accepting and loving and I care for all of the earth’s creatures.” But then if you appear intolerant to them, they will not be so loving and open.


So the new religion is worshipping animals above humans. Watch how many people who have made public bad choices in their lives or have entered into unseemly lines of business become huge time animals rights activists.


So what’s the deal. First of all, humasn are designed to eat meat. Physiologically thi scan be seen, including with our digenstive system, teeth, etc. Plus, predators have eyes on the front and prey has eyes on the side. Where are our eyes? FRONT. So our creator made us to eat meat. That’s enough reason. On top of that, it’s good for you.


But that’s all fine, say critics, but what about cruelty to animals. New research shows, as William Lane Craig explains, although animals experience pain as such, they do not experience suffering the way we do. It’s kidn of like “I am in pain, must leave.” But there isn’t the same EXPERIENCE of pain. They don’t think about it existentially. I’ve obviously not explained this very well. But that’s a very messy gist of it.


The point is, God says to eat meat, and it’s good. It’s also fine to not eat meat. But don’t let people get on your back about it. Everyone eats living things. Some don’t eat root plants. How would a vegetarian feel being criticized by a Jain for eating a potato? Exactly!



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