Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Should Catholics Vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

So there's a big election coming up in the US. Two people, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Many people are wondering who to vote for. Well, the obvious answer is Trump.


Let's get right to it. Abortion is a big thing. Trump thinks it's bad and should be illegal, Hillary think it's great and should be cheaper or free and accessible to everyone. Clearly this puts Trump on a morally superior ground. Legalizing abortion and making it free will obviously encourage it much more than making it illegal.

Now, Trump made a few statements about jailing women who had abortions and people got all up in arms. But he is humble enough o have since hired Fr. Frank Pavone, an extremely well loved pro-life priest who is best buds with Martin Luther King Jr's niece Alveda King. He is the #1 Catholic Pro-Life person in America. And Trump said he will consult with him and other Catholics to determine the best way to achieve a pro-life country.

If for no other reason, this is one good one to choose Trump of Hillary.


It seems to me that, not based on emotion, but on fact, that Trump is less bellicose than Hillary. She'll go to war over anything to teach the other side a lesson. She'll meddle in other country's business just to look good. Trump will mostly avoid going to war and if it's absolutely required, he'll not only go to war, he will go ALL OUT and absolutely destroy the opposition and make sure it lasts.

Overall I think war is terrible, but looking at history and statements made in the past, Trump seems less likely to go to war than Hillary. He's also less likely to create a vacuum which creates ISIS like Hillary did.

Freedom of Religion

Clearly Trump is much stronger on freedom of religion than Hillary. She like Obama is in favor of forcing religions to do things that they want them to do. They do not really believe in freedom of religion or allowing people to do an act as they see fit according to their religion. Trump is far more likely to respect people's freedom of religion and has said so on multiple occasions.


When it came up for voting acts such as the religious freedom restoration act were strongly voted against by people like Hillary Clinton. They would rather Force religions to do their will and to violate their deepest morals than to allow freedom of religion. But Donald Trump understands that the United States was not founded on religious intolerance but in fact was founded on the ability of each person to decide their own religion and to act accordingly.

I think for these reasons and perhaps many more Donald Trump is by far a much much better candidate than Hillary Clinton can ever be for anybody who cares about moral issues and freedom of religion. Is Donald Trump absolutely perfect in every way? Obviously not! There are many areas that you can disagree with him on. But when you look at these most crucial issues nobody can honestly say that Hillary Clinton would be better in those areas.

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