Monday, October 24, 2016

Alberta and Transgenderism

Alberta is jumping completely on the transgender bandwagon. They announced completely over-the-top legislation in relation to schools. Here are some of them:

1) Children pick their own pronoun.
A child determines if they want to be referred to as he, she, ze, it, they or use no pronoun whatsoever. On report cards, when being spoken to by teachers or parents, or in any other way, the school must under all circumstances abide by whatever the child decides. Even if the child is 4 or 5 years old, this still applies and can be changed at any time on the whim of the child.

2) Boys or Girls can play for any team
Boys and Girls will no longer be divided in Alberta based on gender. Rather, each child can pick whatever team they would rather play on. So a boy can decide to play on the girl's team or vice verse. Again, because gender is fluid and can change, a boy can switch to the girl's team and then back again at will.

3) Kids can choose whichever bathroom or locker room they go into
Again, with no other requirement than verbal request, a child can choose whether to go into a girls' bathroom or locker room or a boys'. There are no rules or conditions. They can just do whatever they want in this regard. Also, schools are mandated to have a third, gender-less bathroom for any student who hasn't decided to or doesn't want to disclose their gender.

4) Schools are mandated to have Gay-Straight Alliances.
These are clubs where gay and non-gay students can meet to talk about sexuality and to find ways of ending homophobia and transphobia. In reality, they tell every person to question their sexuality and encourage perversion.

Obviously there are some schools which oppose these measures for religious reasons, and Canada, being a country that recognizes religious diversity and various approaches to raising children, allows exemptions for such groups. LOL, just kidding. There are absolutely no such exemptions. Religious schools will absolutely be forced to participate in all of this.

If a religious school or school board refuses to call a 5 year old boy a girl upon request, they will lose all of their funding from the province. Of course, this is one more reason why public funding of schools needs to end immediately. As the advocates of this system long ago declared, public education doesn't exist because poor people couldn't get an education. It exists so that bureaucrats can more easily force people to act a certain way and for this to apply across the board.

All schools are doing is creating vast confusion for students as they struggle through school. Even though transgenderism only appeared extremely recently and it extraordinarily uncommon, everybody must be subject to its dictates. There is no place for good-willed Christian parents to send their children for school. The measures will only continue to get worse and worse as even private schools are forbidden from teaching real sexuality. Unless you are teaching perversion, you will be forcibly banned from education.

More on this perversion: CBC

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